Cat Idioms -

source: EnglishAnyone    2011年6月18日
There are tons of cat idioms in English and we'll go over a few of them in this video.

The Cat Is Out Of The Bag
The cat is out of the bag is an expression that means a secret has been revealed.
There's no use keeping the surprise party a secret from John. The cat's already out of the bag!

Cat got your tongue?
We use the question, "has the cat got your tongue?" to ask someone why they are unable to speak.
Whose number is this on your phone, dear? What's the matter? Has the cat got your tongue?

A Fat Cat
A fat cat is an impolite way of describing someone who is rich and powerful.
The fat cats in government don't care what happens to us little people!

When The Cat's Away...
When the cat's away means that when parents, bosses and other authority figures are not around, children, employees and other subordinates will do what they like.
My wife and I are taking a trip together next month without our 16 year old son. He's a good kid, but when the cat's away, the mice will play!

To Be The Cat's Whiskers
To be the cat's whiskers is to be better than everyone else.
I was the cat's whiskers at the party in my new tuxedo.

To purr Like A Cat
When something purrs like a cat, it runs very smoothly.
I just had some serious work done on my car. With the new parts, she really purrs like a cat!