At a hotel

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# making a room reservation
--Hello, is that The Resident?
--Yes, it is. How can I help you, Sir?
--I want to book a room for the 19th.
--Sure, what sort of room do you want?
--A single room, please. For 3 days.
--Alright. The rent for the room is $60 a day.
--Okay. No problems.
--I will make the booking, Sir. Someone will call you up from the hotel later and confirm it.
--Alright. Thank you.
# check in
--Hi. I have a reservation for tonight.
--May I have your name, please?
--It's Mark Nelson.
--Okay, Mr. Nelson. According to your records, a room for two guests was booked under your name.
--No, hold on. There must be some mistake. I have booked a room for only one person.
--Okay, let me check again. Here we are. Your booking is for the 19th, right?
--Yes, exactly.
--I'm sorry. There must have been some confusion. Luckily, we have a single room available. You can use the room 309.
--Thank you
(2nd example)
--Welcome to The Resident Hotel. How can I help you?
--I have a booking here, for a single room.
--Sure. May I have your name?
--It's Mark. Mark Nelson.
--Yes. We have your room ready, Mr. Nelson. It's on the 3rd floor. The porter will guide you.
--Thank you. My luggage is in the taxi outside.
--I'll ask the bell-boy to get it.
# checking out
--Hi. I want to check out. Can you please get my bill? I will be at the reception in about 15 minutes.
--Sure. I will have it ready for you when you arrive.
--Thanks. I appreciate it.
--I hope your stay here was comfortable, Sir.
--Yes, it was fine. Thank you.
--Welcome. If you have any feedback you can let me know.
--Well, my dinner arrived a bit late, but everything else was okay.
--I'm sorry to hear that, Sir. I will make sure that doesn't happen again.
--No problems. I like this hotel.
# requesting housekeeping assistance
--Hi, I'm going out and I will be back in the evening. Can you please ask the housekeeping to clean my room?
--Sure, Sir. You will have to leave your keys at the reception.
--Okay. That's not a problem.
--The housekeeping department will have your room cleaned and the bedding changed.
--Thank you.
--You are welcome, Sir.

Checking In + passive voice (Learn English 48)

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Learn how to check in to a hotel and ask questions about the hotel facilities in English. In this intermediate English lesson you will see a man on a business trip arriving at a hotel and making reservations for his colleagues. He asks questions about the hotel facilities and the receptionist answers him using the passive voice.

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# reservation, register and facilities
--Is my room ready?
--Yes, it was cleaned this morning.
--Can I take your credit card details, please?
--Unfortunately, both my credit cards were stolen a week ago.
--We need to make a reservation to stay in a room at this hotel.
--This hotel has a great pool and many other facilities.
--The lifts, conference halls and most of the bedrooms were designed to accommodate disabled guests.