CNN 10 with subtitles | February 10, 2017 | Helpful crowdsourcing technology | Daily Li...

source: Daily Listening    2017年2月9日
CNN 10 | February 10, 2017 | Helpful crowdsourcing technology | Daily Listening hightlights: In today's show, you'll learn why a major snowstorm in the U.S. Northeast isn't technically a nor'easter. We're also explaining how crowdsourcing technology is helping farmers overcome challenges and how DNA evidence was used to save a dog's life. And snowflakes get an extreme close-up.
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English at University: 18 - Getting help in an emergency and vocabulary related to relaxing

source: BBC Learning English     2017年1月16日
Things are getting busy for Mary at the University of Studies. Does Abi have a solution to help Mary let her hair down and have some fun? And what are Professor Not and Sharon doing at the yoga class?
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Hello. It's time for English at University – we're following Mary through her first year of study abroad and helping her and you learn some useful phrases. University life is not all work and no play – it's about having fun too and today Mary needs some persuading to let her hair down – you know, relax and enjoy herself with some extracurricular activities. And someone who knows most about doing that is her roommate Abi…

Still studying Mary? You look glued to that desk.

Yes, I think I am. I'm just writing up my notes and then I've got to read Professor Not's new book… and then I’ve got to…

Bla bla bla! I don't know what you're saying. It really is time to chillax… have a break. Come on… you're coming with me.

Phew! It's hot in here. Oh hello Professor and hello Sharon.

Prof. Not and Sharon
Hello Mary.

Now, this is Bikram yoga – it'll keep you fit and help you lose weight. And that guy over there's quite fit too!

I've lost a kilo in a month haven't I Robert… I mean-?

Err yes. It improves your mind too Mary.

Yoga teacher
Welcome everyone. Let's begin. Just follow me… first of all, stand straight and breathe deeply… in… out… hold it there… good… next stretch your arms out, then slowly bend to touch your toes.

Prof. Not
Oh no… I seemed to have pulled something in my back. Sharon, could you give me a hand…

Oh you've gone a funny colour. Oh he's so heavy. Abi could you give me a hand? Mary, can you call for help.

Yes of course… oh what should I do?

You need to call the medical centre and tell them there's an emergency. Explain what's happened and ask for someone to come and help 'asap' – as soon as possible. Go on Mary, get calling!

Right ok. Yes hello. Is that the medical centre? Good. We have an emergency in the yoga class… in the sports hall. Professor Not has hurt his back and he needs help. Yes, he bent over and couldn't stand up again… I'll ask him. She says 'does it hurt?'

Prof. Not
Oww. Yes! When are they coming?

He says 'yes'. How long do you think you'll be? Really? Please could you come as soon as possible.

Ask them what we should do until they get here?

Right, yes… Is there anything we can do before you arrive? Yes, aha, right. I'll do that. Thank you. Bye.

What did they say?

They said 'chill out' – whatever that means!

Goodness. What a drama! It looks like Professor Not's attempt to unwind has gone too far but luckily help is on its way thanks to these phrases that Mary used…

We have an emergency in the yoga class. We need help.
How long do you think you'll be?
Please could you come as soon as possible.
Is there anything we can do before you arrive?

You can practise these phrases, pick up a few more plus learn some top tips for studying in the UK on our website at

Right, let's see if help has arrived for Professor Not…

You hold his feet and I'll hold his head and we'll get him into the ambulance.

Oh hello do you need a hand? Oh, what's going on here then – and why are you all sweaty?

Robert bent over too far…

…in yoga… Bikram yoga. He's hurt his back.

Yoga! That's for girls isn't it?!

No! Abi, do you know what, I've really enjoyed myself today.

Good, feeling more relaxed I hope. So, are you going to join the yoga club then?


How much is it to join exactly?

英語: 齊斌 / 國立教育廣播電台

英語: 齊斌 / 國立教育廣播電台

英語: 方巨琴,姜夢童,吳達玲,楊理強 / 國立教育廣播電台

英語: 方巨琴,姜夢童,吳達玲,楊理強 / 國立教育廣播電台

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英語: 曾麗娜 / 國立教育廣播電台

Phrasal Verbs with BRING: bring up/on/about/down/in/forward...

source: Learn English with Adam [engVid]    2017年2月8日
Understand and use English like a native speaker by learning these phrasal verbs. Today's phrasal verbs all have the word 'bring' in them: bring up, bring in, bring about , and many others. Hear examples of how these expressions are used in daily language, and practice them on my quiz. Don't let phrasal verbs bring you down; bring them on, and we'll bring them to light!

Phrasal Verbs: COME UP

source: Espresso English    2017年2月9日
Phrasal Verbs in Conversation Course:
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Five Phrasal Verbs - Talking about Plans and Decisions

source: Oxford Online English   2014年8月9日
A free online English lesson about phrasal verbs. In this lesson, you'll study five English phrasal verbs which you can use to talk about making plans or making decisions. We'll explain what the verbs mean, and you can see how to use them in sentences.
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English Phonics Long 'o' Vowel Practice

source: Shaw English Online    2014年1月24日
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Practice the long 'o' vowel sound with Molly. Repeat after her and improve your English phonics.

Making Chocolate Mousse (mmmEnglish 08)

source: mmmEnglish 2015年11月4日
To celebrate her brother’s birthday, Emma makes a huge bowl of delicious, sweet, rich chocolate mousse! Watch and practice English with your teacher and learn new vocabulary in the kitchen!
Visit the mmmEnglish website for extra vocabulary that will help you follow the video (and download the recipe to practice at home!

Talk over, Take down, Put out, Sneak up on - Phrasal Verbs Lesson

source: Twominute English      2013年3月21日
Exercises for this lesson :
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0:07 In this lesson we will study these common expressions: talk over, take down, put out, and sneak up on.
0:26 Eric, what happened? Why do you seem so low today?
0:30 I had a fight with Daisy last night.
0:32 Oh. That’s really sad. You guys should try to talk it over.
0:36 Yes, I've been trying to call her since morning but she is not picking up.
0:41 Come to my house this evening and we can talk it over. I’ll invite Daisy too.
0:55 Hey, did you hear what happened to Stan?
0:57 No, I did not. Is he okay?
1:00 Not exactly. He used to say he would take the new manager down. But truth is he was the one who got fired.
1:08 Oh, I told him many times. This manager won’t be taken down easily.
1:12 Yes, I know. But he’s so arrogant. I hope someone really takes him down one day.
1:19 Yeah, so do I.
1:30 Hey Karen, are we going inside this building?
1:33 Yes, Eric. I have some work here. I’m afraid you will have to put out your cigarette.
1:39 I think you should go alone. I’ll wait for you outside.
1:42 Why don’t you want to come inside?
1:44 I don’t want to put my cigarette out. You go on and I’ll just wait here.
1:48 You are unbelievable!
1:59 Do not sneak up on me like that. I just don’t like it.
2:03 What are you saying? I don’t sneak up on people.
2:05 Don’t try to make a fool out of me. I know you were sneaking on me.
2:09 You thought I wouldn't see it but you forgot about that mirror over there!
2:14 Okay, you got me, I confess. I’m sorry.
2:21 You guys should try to talk it over.
2:26 Come to my house this evening and we can talk it over.
2:33 He used to say he would take the new manager down.
2:39 I hope someone really takes him down one day.
2:46 I’m afraid you will have to put out your cigarette.
2:53 I don’t want to put my cigarette out.
2:58 Do not sneak up on me like that.
3:03 I know you were sneaking on me.
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Pictures (Learn English 10)

source: EF podEnglish    2008年3月27日
Learn the correct way to pronounce questions in English with a rising or flat tone of voice depending on if the question is an informational question or a yes/no question. In this beginner English lesson you will hear people talking about pictures they have taken and asking each other questions about the people in the pictures.
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Phrasal Verbs: To Put Off

source: Go Natural English    2015年8月28日
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Sports Idioms

source: EnglishAnyone     2011年7月21日
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Here are some awesome sports idioms from!

Jump Off The Deep End
To jump off the deep end means to do something drastic with an unexpected result.
I really hate my job so I'm going to jump off the deep end and quit before finding a new one.

Keep Your Eye On The Ball
This is a baseball term that means to focus. Hitting a baseball is one of the hardest things to do in sports and you must watch the ball closely to hit it.
If you keep your eye on the ball and study hard, you will get fluent in English faster!

Jump The Gun
This is an idiom from running that means to do something too quickly. Because races usually begin with a shot from a gun, to begin before the shot is fired is to start early and illegally.
I jumped the gun on buying a house before I new I would get my new job.

A Level Playing Field
A level playing field means that things are equal and fair.
We have a level playing field at our company. Anyone can get promoted if they work hard.

Par For The Course
This is a golf term that means the number of strokes needed to put the ball in the hole. Par for the course is average or expected.
Getting things done slowly is par for the course at work. Everyone is so lazy!

Behind The Eight Ball
This is a pool term that means to be at a disadvantage.
I was behind the eight ball when I realized that I'd overslept and missed my bus!

A Ballpark Figure
A ballpark figure is a general estimate of something. Most sports fields are huge, so we give general numbers about things like the number of people in them, or the number of hotdogs sold at a game.
I don't need an exact price for the cost of the new building. Just give me a ballpark figure.

Dive In Headfirst
To dive in headfirst means to do something impulsively, or without thinking.
I dove in headfirst, quit my job and began a one year trip of Asia!