Sports Idioms

source: EnglishAnyone     2011年7月21日
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Jump Off The Deep End
To jump off the deep end means to do something drastic with an unexpected result.
I really hate my job so I'm going to jump off the deep end and quit before finding a new one.

Keep Your Eye On The Ball
This is a baseball term that means to focus. Hitting a baseball is one of the hardest things to do in sports and you must watch the ball closely to hit it.
If you keep your eye on the ball and study hard, you will get fluent in English faster!

Jump The Gun
This is an idiom from running that means to do something too quickly. Because races usually begin with a shot from a gun, to begin before the shot is fired is to start early and illegally.
I jumped the gun on buying a house before I new I would get my new job.

A Level Playing Field
A level playing field means that things are equal and fair.
We have a level playing field at our company. Anyone can get promoted if they work hard.

Par For The Course
This is a golf term that means the number of strokes needed to put the ball in the hole. Par for the course is average or expected.
Getting things done slowly is par for the course at work. Everyone is so lazy!

Behind The Eight Ball
This is a pool term that means to be at a disadvantage.
I was behind the eight ball when I realized that I'd overslept and missed my bus!

A Ballpark Figure
A ballpark figure is a general estimate of something. Most sports fields are huge, so we give general numbers about things like the number of people in them, or the number of hotdogs sold at a game.
I don't need an exact price for the cost of the new building. Just give me a ballpark figure.

Dive In Headfirst
To dive in headfirst means to do something impulsively, or without thinking.
I dove in headfirst, quit my job and began a one year trip of Asia!