source: LearnAmericanEnglishOnline     2017年12月13日
An English teacher shows ways in which the verb "look" can be used as an action verb and as a stative verb.

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22 English vocabulary words for things in the kitchen

source: Espresso English    2017年12月21日
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CNN 10 - January 26, 2018 with English Subtitles

source: Mathew Smith       2018年1月25日
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Source: http://edition.cnn.com/cnn10

News Review: UN advises forceful peacekeeping

source: BBC Learning English      2018年1月23日
Dan and Catherine teach you the language the world's media is using to discuss this story:
A United Nations reports says peacekeeping forces need to change the way they operate in high-risk situations and not shy away from using force if necessary.
The report says the UN blue helmet and flag no longer offer natural protection while hostile forces don’t understand a language other than force.

foil: prevent something from happening
escalating: increasing
shy: avoid doing something
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News Words: Jackpot

source: VOA Learning English     2017年12月21日
This news word is about a Powerball lottery winner in the United States.
Originally published at - https://learningenglish.voanews.com/a...

# jackpot: A large cash prize in a game or lottery, especially one that accumulates until it is won.
# hit the jackpot: 
1. (informal): Win a jackpot.
2. (informal): Have great or unexpected success, especially in making a lot of money quickly.
The theatre hit the jackpot with its first musical.’
(source: https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/jackpot)

Confusing Words for English Learners

source: Interactive English 2017年12月9日
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FCE / CAE Speaking Getting Started

source: Practice English with Paul       2016年9月1日
Before you enter the exam room to do your speaking, there are some things you need to know: the structure of the exam, the "do's and don'ts," how it's marked and above all: how to prepare not just your language skills but also your imagination which is your greatest weapon when doing a Cambridge Speaking exam. Enjoy.
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Do this after your job interview in English. It's IMPORTANT.

source: Speak English with Christina     2017年11月6日
Today’s episode is all about a “secret” to succeeding in job interviews in English, especially with American companies.
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25 of the Most Common Phrasal Verbs - #1

source: Gerry English Expressions      2016年12月7日
Gerry defines and discusses some of the 25 of the most common phrasal verbs:
*bring up
*carry on
*come across
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How to Use Get, Should Have & Remember Doing vs To Do

source: To Fluency      2017年12月14日
Watch the original conversation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

- get to know someone
- get someone something
- get old
More ways to use get here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1C_2a...

This is used to talk about regrets or advice for past actions.
Learn more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlcuh...
This means to do something right before the deadline. You've done this at school, right?

I remember locking the doors (a memory)
Remember to lock the doors (reminder)

Using The Present Perfect ('Have Done')

source: Oxford Online English        2014年1月3日
The full lesson (with text and exercises): http://www.oxfordonlineenglish.com/vi...
Look at these sentences:
- I've been to Italy
- He's eaten four pieces of cake already this morning
- They haven't arrived yet
These sentences all use the present perfect tense. But, what is the present perfect, what does it mean, and how should you use it? How is it different from the past simple? This lesson will introduce this topic and answer these questions.

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Silent letters in English from A to Z - Pronunciation Practice

source: Espresso English      2017年12月28日
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How to turn ACTIVE sentences into PASSIVE sentences

source: Your English Web       2017年3月12日
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Ielts Speaking Test Part 1,2,3: Topic 3: Town, City and Celebrities

source: Helena Daily English      2017年10月5日 
Ielts Speaking Test (Band 7-8) Part 1,2,3:
Topics: Town, City and Celebrities 
►Part 1:
1. Whereabouts did you grow up?
2. Do you still live there?
3. What is the most famous place in your hometown?
4. How has your hometown changed in recent years?
5. Where do you live now?
6. What part of city do you like best?
7. Is there anything you don’t like about this city?
8. Do you want to live in a big city or small town?
►Part 2: 
Describe a famous person (Sport star, film star, etc)
Whom you admire
You should say:
- Who the person is
- What the person does
- Why the person is famous
- And explain why you admire this person
►Part 3: 
1. What kind of people become famous these days?
2. Is this different from the kind of achievement that made people famous in the past? In what way?
3. How do you think people will become famous in the future?
4. What are the good things about being famous? Are there any disadvantages?
5. How do the media in your country treat celebrities?
6. Why do you think ordinary people are interested in the lives of celebrities?
7. Do you think celebrities should appear in advertisements?
8. Some professional athletes are very well-paid. Do you think they deserve to be so well-paid?
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