Networking - 48 - English at Work gets you the contacts

source: BBC Learning English     2017年5月31日
Anna and the rest of the Tip Top Trading team are at the International Plastics Convention and looking to promote their business. Will Anna be able to network and make some useful contacts at the conference?
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Narrator: Welcome back to English at Work. It's the big day of the International Plastics Conference and a good opportunity for the staff at Tip Top Trading to promote its business. But hold on, who's this? It's Mr Socrates, the big boss from America.

Mr Socrates: Hey, you guys, where have you been?

Paul: Ah, Mr Socrates… nice to see you again. I'd heard you were in town.

Anna/Tom: Hello Mr Socrates.

Mr Socrates: I've been looking for you everywhere. I need to catch up with you and see how business is going.

Paul: Oh very, very well. We're selling Imperial Lemons to France and Anna is developing plastic vegetables.

Mr Socrates: Ah Anna! My favourite girl. Still doing a good job?

Anna: I'm doing my best.

Paul: In fact she's been doing my job for a few days… had a bit of a biscuit accident…

Mr Socrates: Yeah, well that's not hard for you, Paul. Listen, listen I need to talk you - shouldn't the others be doing some networking now?

Paul: Of course, that's why we’re here. Right, Tom, I need you to catch up with some of our existing customers – do some schmoozing – and Anna, could you talk to some potential new customers? I need to speak to Mr Socrates.

Anna: Right. Erm, networking… what exactly am I supposed to do?

Narrator: Networking is about helping your business through connecting with other people in the industry. It involves meeting people and talking to them, sharing information, hopefully helping each other and ultimately, getting new business.

Anna: So I have to talk to strangers?

Narrator: Well, yes. Introduce yourself, say who you work for. Ask them about their business and what they do. Then explain a bit about what you do and who uses your products. If it's appropriate, say that you may be able to help them. Then see if they would consider buying from you. Just be chatty and friendly.

Anna: Thanks. I'll give it a try. Excuse me, hello, I'm Anna. I work as a Sales Executive at Tip Top Trading… and you are?

Woman: Jane. Jane from Nice'n'Cheesy. It's very busy here today isn't it?

Anna: It is. It's my first time here but it's very exciting. I really didn't know what to wear.

Narrator: Anna! That's chatty and friendly, but let's get down to business.

Anna: Oh yes, of course. So can you tell me about your company, Nice'n'Cheesy?

Woman: Well, we sell cheese to London's top cheese shops - we like to say we're a wedge above the rest – a wedge of cheese, get it?!

Anna: Err, right. Well, can I briefly tell you about what our company does? Our company – Tip Top Trading – makes plastic fruit mainly for the catering and food industry. We're up for an award today for one of our designs.

Woman: Smashing. That's quite interesting actually. We have an issue with the fresh grapes we provide with our cheeses – they keep going mouldy.

Anna: Oh dear.

Woman: Yes – sour grapes you could say! A good quality plastic grape would be useful to put with our cheese displays.

Anna: Well, I think we might be able to help you.

Narrator: Yes you can! This is the time to exchange contact details – give her your business card.

Anna: Well, if I could have your contact details I'll send you one of our brochures and then give you a call about prices. And here's my business card should you want to call me.

Woman: That's fantastic. So nice to have met you – and I think what you're wearing for the conference is perfect.

Anna: Thanks!

Narrator: Bingo! Looks like Anna has a potential new customer. She was friendly and chatty but kept her mind on business. She used phrases like these:
Excuse me, hello, I'm Anna. I work as a Sales Executive at Tip Top Trading.
Can you tell me about your company?
Can I briefly tell you about what our company does?
I think we might be able to help you.
Here's my business card should you want to call.

Narrator: So, some good work by Anna but there's more networking to be done. A conference is a good place for networking and for catching up with your boss, too. Let's find out how Paul is getting on with Mr Socrates.

Mr Socrates: It's a tough economic climate Paul. We're already cutting out cookies in management meetings.

Paul: Oh, gosh.

Mr Socrates: And now we're cutting staff. We've already lost Rachel – my favourite Sales Executive.

Paul: Ah yes, well, she was stealing the pens.

Mr Socrates: Pens can be replaced but not people like her.

Paul: Well…

Mr Socrates: But now it's time to reduce your team Paul – share the pain.

Paul: Are you sure?

Mr Socrates: Absolutely. By my calculations you need to be rid of one member of staff.

Agile & Scrum | English for Project Management VV 53

source: Business English Pod     2017年5月2日
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In this lesson, we’ll look at business English vocabulary related to agile project management and the scrum framework of product development.
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Romantic Nicknames for your loved ones

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Slang Expressions with the letter 'N'

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phrasal verb PRICE

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Find out when to write hyphens

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Learn English Numbers 100+

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How to Use Make and Do

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Business English 106 (global trade, quotas, tariffs, protectionism)

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Backpacking in Thailand! - English Conversation Vacation and Travel

source: Twominute English      2013年7月21日
A lot of people visit Thailand every year for leisure, as well as for business. Even though Thai is the national language of the country, English is widely spoken in hotels and in the tourist areas. If you are a regular traveler you must have faced a lot of problems while talking to people. Well, not any more! Here we have picked out some basic instances that a regular tourist has to face. You can learn the dialogues used in these situation-based conversations before you plan your next visit.
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0:06 In this lesson, there are some phrases that you can use to talk to people during your trip to Thailand.
0:17 Can I see your passport and arrival card, please?
0:21 Sure, here you are.
0:23 What is the purpose of your visit?
0:26 Tourism. I'm here on vacation.
0:29 How long do you plan to stay?
0:31 Maybe a week or 10 days.
0:35 You understand you are not permitted to work here, right?
0:39 Yes. I'm just here to relax on a vacation.
0:43 Very good. Here is your passport. Enjoy your stay.
0:47 Thank you very much. Bye.
0:56 Excuse me, are you going to Khao San Road?
1:00 Yes, I am. How did you know?
1:04 Many travellers go there looking for cheaper hotels.
1:09 Are you going there too?
1:10 Yes, I am. Do you mind if we share a taxi?
1:14 That's a good idea. It will be cheaper if we share.
1:17 Ok. Let's go. We can get a taxi right across the street.
1:27 Do you know any good hotels around?
1:30 I asked my friend before leaving San Francisco. He said I would find some nice hotels on Khao San Road.
1:36 I think we should just get out of the taxi and walk around a bit.
1:40 Yeah. I just hope they are not full. We should've made reservations online.
1:46 The cheapest hotels don't even have a website. Don't worry. I'm sure we'll find one.
1:57 Can you tell me where to go for the best shopping?
2:00 Sure, you must go to Chatuchak market. We also call it JJ market.
2:06 How can I get there? Can you get me a taxi?
2:09 Just take the skytrain. Get off at Mo Chit station. It's easy to reach.
2:15 Great, so how do I find the outdoor market?
2:18 It's right there at the skytrain station. It's too big to miss.
2:23 Sounds easy. Thanks!
2:25 You're welcome.
2:29 I'm here on vacation.
2:33 I'm just here to relax on a vacation.
2:40 Excuse me, are you going to Khao San Road?
2:49 Do you mind if we share a taxi?
2:55 Do you know any good hotels around?
3:02 We should've made reservations online.
3:10 Can you tell me where to go for the best shopping?
3:17 How can I get there? Can you get me a taxi?
3:26 Great, so how do I find the outdoor market?