Relationship Vocabulary 2 - Getting married

source: Practice English with Paul       2015年6月22日
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00:20 to propose to someone 
00:39 to pop the question
01:08 to get on one knee 
01:20 to ask for one's hand in marriage 
01:43 to be/to get engaged 
02:29 engagement/ wedding ring
02:38 engagement party 
02:53 to tie the knot 
03:18 to get married (hitched to...), to be married to someone, to marry
04:34 wedding
05:13 reception
05:29 honeymoon (phase)

CNN 10 - February 12, 2018 | A look at how athletes' fitness is often mental as well as physical

source: NEWS with Subtitles      2018年2月11日
Today's topics include a new budget for the U.S. government, and a look at the mental fitness of Olympic athletes.
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How to Pronounce 10 Difficult Words | British English Pronunciation

source: ETJ English        2018年1月18日
Let's learn 10 difficult words and how to pronounce them with a perfect British English accent. Everything I teach in this video is related to the modern British pronunciation we hear in the South of England.
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10 Business English Expressions You Need To Know | Vocabulary

source: mmmEnglish      2018年1月11日
Business English Listening practice -
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- The Power of Habit
- 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
- Start With Why
- The 5 Second Rule
- Good To Great
- Built To Last
- Elon Musk Biography
- Insanely Great: A Steve Jobs Biography

Whether you are flat out, getting off track, losing your train of thought or banking on an early finish, these 10 essential business English expressions will help you sound natural and confident at the office!
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5 FUN WAYS to Learn and Improve Your English! #SPON

source: Learn English with Papa Teach Me     2018年1月13日
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Irregular verbs in English

source: Crown Academy of English    2018年1月9日
In this lesson, you will learn the base form, past simple form and past participle of the most common irregular verbs in the English language.
There are example sentences for each verb.
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The verb BE:
Present perfect:
Past simple:
ALREADY - adverb of time:
STILL adverb of time:
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Useful English Idiom | The Cat's Out of the Bag....Oh NO!?!?

source: Interactive English     2017年8月31日
Cute cat alert! In this lesson, we have a little furry friend helping us teach!

How to pronounce "shit" & "sheet" - English pronunciation lessons

source: Speak English with Christina      2017年4月4日
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English Mistakes to Avoid in 30 minutes

source: Learn English with      2018年1月9日
In this video, you will discover all mistakes you should avoid in English! If you are a beginner this video is made for you. Our host expresses herself in simple English, with English subtitles.
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Pronouncing Pronouns (Speaking more like a native-speaker)

source: Gerry English Expressions       2016年4月30日
Native English-speakers often use schwa as a substitute for the vowel sounds in pronouns and link them onto other words. Gerry explains with many examples.
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How did the months get their names?

source: Learn English with Gill (engVid)     2018年1月19日
Did you ever wonder how the months of the year got their names? Maybe you know it has something to do with gods and mythology or Roman emperors, but don't know the details. Some things don't even seem to make sense. For instance, an octagon has eight sides, but October is not the eighth month, it's the tenth! What's going on? Watch this video, and you won't have to wonder anymore! You'll understand why January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December all have the names that they do! After watching this video, watch my other video about how the names of the days of the week:
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Complex sentences using ADVERB CLAUSES and phrases of time

source: Your English Web       2016年10月31日
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Modal Verbs: Have to and Must: The Grammar Gameshow Episode 5

source: BBC Learning English        2017年11月8日

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✪ Basic English Conversation Practice Question and Answers: 90 Daily Topics (part 2)

source: Helena Daily English         2017年2月28日
Topics Part 2. Collect top 90 most popular topics in daily speaking
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✪ TOP 101 Daily English Conversation Practice with Subtitle to help You Speak English Fluently
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✪ Top 53 Advanced Listening English Conversation to speak english fluently and confidently