Here you go

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High and Tall

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High or tall?

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6 Confusing Words: fun & funny, famous & popular, surprise & shock

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At The Principal's Office

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0:17 May I come in, Sir?
0:19 Yes. Come in Ms Figgins. Have a seat.
0:22 Thank you.
0:24 You’ve received an award in the inter-school poetry competition. Congratulations!
0:30 Thank you Principal Schuster.
0:32 There’s a cash prize and a trophy for you.
0:35 Thank you so much!
0:38 I wanna give you the prize in front of your class. I’ll come to your class sometime today.
0:43 Okay, Sir.
0:45 Alright then. Keep up the good work, Ms Figgins.
0:48 Thanks, Sir. I will.
0:56 Come in Mr. Drake.
0:57 Good morning ma’am.
0:59 This note here says that you were caught throwing chalk pieces at a classmate.
1:05 I’m sorry ma’am… Actually the entire class was doing it. The teacher walked in and saw just me.
1:10 That’s no excuse Mr Drake. You know that this kind of behavior is not tolerated in this institution.
1:17 I am sorry Mrs. Dursley. It won’t happen again.
1:20 It’d better not… But just to help you strengthen your resolve,
1:23 I would like you to stay back for an hour after school in the detention room for this entire week.
1:29 For the entire week? But it’s only Monday today.
1:33 Right Mr Drake. Just to help you remember. Now you are dismissed, please go back to your class.
1:46 May I come in, Sir?
1:47 Yes sure. What can I do for you?
1:49 Sir, may I get a scholarship form for scholarship you announced yesterday?
1:56 We haven’t received them from the office yet. Check back after 3 days.
2:00 But my folks are going to Vancouver in 2 days and I have to go with them.
2:05 In that case try getting them from the education board office.
2:08 Alright, I will try that.
2:17 May I come in, Sir?
2:18 Yes. Come in. What can I do for you?
2:20 Sir, I want to get admission in this school.
2:24 Okay, what’s your name?
2:25 My name is John Richardson.
2:28 Why do you want get admission here?
2:30 My dad’s been transferred to this town, and my house is right near this school.
2:34 What does your father do?
2:35 He’s a police officer.
2:37 Which school were you in earlier?
2:40 DeWitt High School.
2:42 Alright, which grade do you want the admission for?
2:45 I am in Junior school.
2:48 Okay. Get the form from the front-office and submit it along with the documents required. The school get in touch.
3:06 Between two or more schools. It’s often used to refer to competitions or events that involve multiple schools.
3:20 When you’re asked to stay at the school after school hours as a punishment, it’s called detention.
3:32 It’s the room where the students who have been given detention are made to sit in.
3:43 Scholarship is a special allowance or financial assistance given to bright
3:48 or deserving students to help them continue their education.
3:58 The reception desk where the visitors interact with a school or office.
4:08 The 11th grade in American high schools. This is the year before the graduation or the senior year.

Talking about Jobs and Occupations

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# How to ask someone what they do for a living?
--So John, what do you do for a living?
--What is your occupation?
--What do you do to make a living?

Business English - How to talk about your career

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6 confusing words - small & little, big & large, tall & high

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Throw caution to the wind - English Vocabulary Lesson # 107

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At some point of time in your life, you may have taken a bold step without considering its consequences.
The idiom 'throw caution to the wind' actually means taking a great risk without worrying about negative or unfavorable results.
When you are not cautious and act carelessly, you throw caution to the wind.
It means you stop caring about the possible dangers and start taking risks.
If you throw something to the wind, it means you are not being cautious and you are letting the wind blow it away and out of your reach. So you take a bold decision and are not scared of the outcome.
In the idiom 'throw caution to the wind' , 'throw' is a verb in the present form, 'threw' and 'thrown' are verbs in the past and past participle forms respectively.
For example, If you want to start a new business, you invest a lot of money and overlook any potential disaster, it means you are taking a big risk that could cost you a fortune in case of failure. So you are throwing caution to the wind.
Example 01 : Despite expecting unfavorable weather, the fisherman threw caution to the wind and went fishing.
Example 02 : After working the entire night, John threw caution to the wind by sleeping through his lecture.
Example 03 : Sally threw caution to the wind by opting for the Botox treatment even after knowing about its harmful effects.
Example 04 : After the stock market crashed, Peter regretted throwing caution to the wind by investing a huge amount in it.
Example 05 : Drug dealers continuously throw caution to the wind by being involved in an illegal practice.
Example 06 : At the interview, James was confident even though he threw caution to the wind when he faked his qualifications.
Example 07 : Anthony didn't want to throw caution to the wind by going to work when he was very unwell.
Example 08 : Kevin threw caution to the wind by flirting with his colleague even though he was married.
Example 09 : Lisa is so addicted to alcohol, that she throws caution to the wind by drinking even while driving.
Example 10 : Michael is known for throwing caution to the wind for performing daring stunts.
When was the last time you threw caution to the wind? Was it worth it?