At The Principal's Office

source: Twominute English  2013年12月30日
0:17 May I come in, Sir?
0:19 Yes. Come in Ms Figgins. Have a seat.
0:22 Thank you.
0:24 You’ve received an award in the inter-school poetry competition. Congratulations!
0:30 Thank you Principal Schuster.
0:32 There’s a cash prize and a trophy for you.
0:35 Thank you so much!
0:38 I wanna give you the prize in front of your class. I’ll come to your class sometime today.
0:43 Okay, Sir.
0:45 Alright then. Keep up the good work, Ms Figgins.
0:48 Thanks, Sir. I will.
0:56 Come in Mr. Drake.
0:57 Good morning ma’am.
0:59 This note here says that you were caught throwing chalk pieces at a classmate.
1:05 I’m sorry ma’am… Actually the entire class was doing it. The teacher walked in and saw just me.
1:10 That’s no excuse Mr Drake. You know that this kind of behavior is not tolerated in this institution.
1:17 I am sorry Mrs. Dursley. It won’t happen again.
1:20 It’d better not… But just to help you strengthen your resolve,
1:23 I would like you to stay back for an hour after school in the detention room for this entire week.
1:29 For the entire week? But it’s only Monday today.
1:33 Right Mr Drake. Just to help you remember. Now you are dismissed, please go back to your class.
1:46 May I come in, Sir?
1:47 Yes sure. What can I do for you?
1:49 Sir, may I get a scholarship form for scholarship you announced yesterday?
1:56 We haven’t received them from the office yet. Check back after 3 days.
2:00 But my folks are going to Vancouver in 2 days and I have to go with them.
2:05 In that case try getting them from the education board office.
2:08 Alright, I will try that.
2:17 May I come in, Sir?
2:18 Yes. Come in. What can I do for you?
2:20 Sir, I want to get admission in this school.
2:24 Okay, what’s your name?
2:25 My name is John Richardson.
2:28 Why do you want get admission here?
2:30 My dad’s been transferred to this town, and my house is right near this school.
2:34 What does your father do?
2:35 He’s a police officer.
2:37 Which school were you in earlier?
2:40 DeWitt High School.
2:42 Alright, which grade do you want the admission for?
2:45 I am in Junior school.
2:48 Okay. Get the form from the front-office and submit it along with the documents required. The school get in touch.
3:06 Between two or more schools. It’s often used to refer to competitions or events that involve multiple schools.
3:20 When you’re asked to stay at the school after school hours as a punishment, it’s called detention.
3:32 It’s the room where the students who have been given detention are made to sit in.
3:43 Scholarship is a special allowance or financial assistance given to bright
3:48 or deserving students to help them continue their education.
3:58 The reception desk where the visitors interact with a school or office.
4:08 The 11th grade in American high schools. This is the year before the graduation or the senior year.