CNN Student News with subtitles - December 21, 2016 | Seasonal Affective Disorder or Wi...

source: NEWS with Subtitles    2016年12月20日
Seasonal Affective Disorder or Winter Blues; Lincoln Memorial, Place for Americans to Protest and Celebrate.
Stories from around the world highlight this edition of CNN Student News, as we lead with events in Venezuela and Russia. We'll also explore what seasonal affective disorder is, and we'll explain why Presidents Day officially doesn't exist.
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Student News Anchor: Carl Azuz.

English in a Minute: Slip One's Mind

source: VOA Learning English   2016年12月19日
What happens when something slips your mind? Watch this week's English in a Minute to learn how to use this expression.
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# If you say something "slipped your mind," you forgot about it.  

NOT SO ... AS (comparisons)

source: MrSkypelessons   2016年12月12日
This lesson focuses on some exotic comparative structures. For example:
1) not so much to X as to Y
2) not so much X as Y
3) not so much + noun + as + subordinate clause

# Other comparatives:
Not X but Y
Not X but rather Y
No less/more X than Y
Neither X nor Y
Not only X but also Y
No sooner X than Y
Just as X so (too) Y
so + adjective + as to

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So you're NOT having a baby...

source: Learn English with Ronnie!      2016年12月14日
Do you hate when people ask you WHY you don't have kids? Learn how to answer these uncomfortable and awkward questions with confidence! In this video, we're talking about NOT having a baby. Maybe it's because you don't want kids, or maybe it's because of infertility – because you can't have one. This video covers everything about not being pregnant; we'll talk about different issues that men and women can have that prevent them from having a baby. I'll explain the English vocabulary – both polite and slang – that you can use to talk about infertility.
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source: Learn English Lab    2016年6月22日
Watch this video and learn how to use may and might correctly. Visit for more FREE English lessons.

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English Pronunciation - Words ending with ION

source: Learn English with Ronnie!      2010年5月4日 A basic English lesson, explaining how to pronounce words that end with -ion. Action? Transformation? Session? Learn how to say these words like a native speaker in this lesson.

What Time Is It - English Speaking Situations

source: Twominute English    2013年7月10日
Asking for the time is one of the most common things we do. Sometimes it's even a conversation ice-breaker. In this video, we will learn the different phrases used to ask for the time and to tell the time.
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0:06 In this lesson we will learn the terms which are used in English to describe the different concepts of time.
0:19 What's the time at your watch, Celine?
0:22 It's 7: 57 P.M.
0:25 Uff...It's only three minutes to 8 P.M.!
0:29 I told you, Bethany is always late.
0:33 Yeah. And to think she was supposed to arrive at 20 minutes past 7...
0:37 You mean 7:20?
0:41 Yeah. I thought she'd be here by 8 at least. When will the gates open?
0:46 At exactly 5 minutes after 8.
0:51 I think Bethany already knows that. She'll be here before 8:05 for sure.
1:01 After I began using this digital watch I became more precise with time.
1:05 I'm often confused between ‘quarter to' and ‘quarter of'.
1:09 I can help you! ‘Quarter to' simply means 15 minutes to eight
1:13 or quarter to eight means it's 15 minutes before eight. Quarter of eight means 7: 45.
1:20 Alright! I understand. What's the time now?
1:23 It's quarter past five, 5:15.
1:27 Gosh! An hour passed by so fast! I arrived at a quarter after four right?
1:32 Yup, at 4:15.
1:40 I was late today by almost 30 minutes! I reached there at half past nine.
1:48 Not a big deal! Half an hour is not much.
1:51 I'm never late. It counts!
1:55 Suzie is often late by an hour! She arrives at the office around 10 A.M.
2:00 Let her be so, Celine. I don't have to be late because Suzie is late.
2:11 I had a scary dream last night. I woke up at 1AM.
2:14 You mean 1 in the morning?!
2:17 1 AM is always morning, dude. 1 PM is in the afternoon.
2:22 What about 12 o'clock? Is it PM or AM?
2:26 12 AM is midnight and 12 PM is noon or midday.
2:31 Right. So PM starts from noon to 12 AM.
2:36 Yup. In the same way, AM starts from midnight to 12 PM!
2:40 Oh! This Ante Meridian and Post Meridian thing is so confusing.
2:46 Not anymore I hope!
2:53 And to think she was supposed to arrive at 20 minutes past 7...
3:02 She'll be here before 8:05 for sure.
3:10 quarter to eight means it's 15 minutes before eight.
3:18 I arrived at a quarter after four right?
3:25 I reached there at half past nine.
3:34 Suzie is often late by an hour!
3:41 1 AM is always morning, dude. 1 PM is in the afternoon.
3:54 12 AM is midnight and 12 PM is noon or mid day.

Conversation Skills - 3 expressions you can use

source: Learn English with Emma [engVid]     2012年4月16日 Want to improve your conversation skills? In this lesson, I will teach you three common conversation expressions. By learning these expressions, you'll make it easier for people to understand what you're saying, and your speech will flow more naturally. After the lesson, take the quiz at to test your understanding.

Basic English vocabulary for cleaning your house

source: JamesESL English Lessons (engVid)   2014年11月5日 In today's English lesson, I will teach you how to clean in English! You will learn vocabulary and special verbs we use to talk about cleaning. You'll learn verbs like "wipe", "sweep", "wash", "scrub", "mop", and more. This lesson is for beginners, so don't be scared. Take the quiz on and keep your house clean.

Christmas - Vocabulary and Facts

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2012年12月24日
Christmas, which is celebrated on December 25th, is one of the biggest celebrations of the year in many countries around the world. In this lesson Ceema teaches you certain words those symbolize and their importance during Christmas.