Let's Learn English Lesson 34: What Will I Do?

source: VOA Learning English    2016年10月28日
In this lesson, Anna wants to go to a Halloween party. But she needs a costume. Will her friend Genie help her find the right one?
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# grammar videos on modals

Let's Learn English Lesson 34 Speaking Practice

source: VOA Learning English    2016年11月1日
Learn the new words for this lesson. Then, learn how to talk about the future in two ways. You can use the modal verb "will" or the modal verb "might." ​
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Let's Learn English Lesson 34 Pronunciation Practice

source: VOA Learning English    2016年11月1日
Learn to say modals "might" and "will" with the right stress patterns.
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CNN Student News with subtitles - November 2, 2016 | FBI Unlikely to Conclude Clinton Em...

source: NEWS with Subtitles    2016年11月1日
FBI Unlikely to Conclude Clinton Email Review Prior to Election; What`s Next in the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests?
Returning to our daily current events coverage, CNN Student News explains an investigation concerning the FBI and a U.S. presidential candidate. We provide a detailed look into the controversy surrounding the Dakota Access Pipeline.
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Source: http://edition.cnn.com/studentnews/
Transcript: http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/
Student News Anchor: Carl Azuz.

BBC 6 Minute English | SA threat to London's artwork | English CC | Dail...

source: Daily Listening    2016年10月6日

0:04 Now Harry, have you ever taken a 'selfie' – that's a photo of yourself, usually with
0:10 your mobile phone?
0:11 Yes, I have.
0:12 I've taken them all over London with my children – of course selfies are very easy to take
0:17 with your smartphone and recently we've seen some famous selfies featuring well-known people
0:22 such as the one taken by actor, Ellen DeGeneres at last year's Oscars ceremony.
0:27 Yes, it seems that there are no limits to the places where you can capture yourself
0:31 in a photo.
0:33 But there is a limit on how far you can stretch your arm out and take a snap – a quick photo
0:37 – of you and your friends.
0:39 That's true, so thank goodness for the selfie stick – an expanding pole to put your smartphone
0:44 on which gives you a wider view.
0:47 This means you can take in more of the background.
0:50 Sounds like a good idea.
0:51 It does, but it's also causing a problem in some places around the world.
0:56 More on that in a moment but let's not forget I have a question to ask you Harry.
1:00 OK Neil.
1:01 Well, we know some people love to take photos of themselves but perhaps not as much as Patrick
1:06 Peterson.
1:07 According to Guinness World Records he has taken the most 'selfies' in one hour – but
1:13 do you know how many?
1:15 Is it: a) 449
1:19 b) 1,449 c) 2,449
1:24 Well, I guess he's gotta move and be in a different position so I'm not going to go
1:31 for the highest one.
1:32 I'm gonna say1,449.
1:34 OK, well, we'll find out the answer at the end of the programme.
1:38 But now let's talk more about the dangers of the selfie stick!
1:42 They can certainly be useful for taking photos from a different viewpoint and it does mean
1:47 that you get more people in your photo.
1:50 Sales of the selfie stick have soared – or risen quickly - since last year and they are
1:54 now a common sight at tourist destinations.
1:57 They're great if you want to take a better photo but they're very annoying if you're
2:00 not involved with the photo.
2:02 Yes and this is particularly frustrating if you're trying to look at paintings and sculptures
2:07 at an art gallery.
2:09 They just get in the way and can be very distracting.
2:12 You mean they stop someone giving their full attention to what they are looking at.
2:16 Well, this is the reason that some famous art galleries around the world are putting
2:20 a ban on selfie-sticks – a ban means they are no longer allowed.
2:25 Places such as the Smithsonian museums in Washington and the Palace of Versailles in
2:29 Paris were the first to do this and now the National Gallery in London have stopped them
2:34 being used.
2:36 Let's hear the exact reasons why from the gallery's Doctor Susan Foister.
2:40 What phrase does she use to mean trying to do the best thing for the visitors and for
2:44 the paintings themselves?
2:48 We have over 6 million visitors a year here, some of our rooms could get quite crowded,
2:52 so we have to find the right balance between the experience of our visitors close to the
2:56 paintings and the safety of the paintings themselves.
3:01 So the National Gallery is a popular and busy place and it gets quite crowded – and it
3:07 doesn't help the problem if people are holding up selfie sticks!
3:10 Yes – so they have imposed – or brought in – this ban to do the best thing for the
3:15 visitors and for the paintings themselves – it's what Doctor Foister called 'the right
3:19 balance'.
3:21 She wants to give visitors trying to get close to the paintings a good experience.
3:25 And she makes the point that there's a risk that the painting, which can be worth millions
3:29 of pounds, could be damaged by one of these sticks.
3:32 Of course you are still allowed to take a selfie, and some museums are 'sticking their
3:36 neck out' and still allowing people to use them.
3:39 A good idiom there Harry – you mean they're doing something that other people may not
3:44 like – yes, places such as the ICA – that's the Institute for Contemporary Art – in
3:49 London say selfie sticks are part of modern-day life.
3:53 Here is Catherine Stout, Head of Programmes at the ICA.
3:57 How does she describe the type of visitors who go to her gallery?
4:01 We are very happy for our visitors to take their own photographs for personal use, of
4:06 course we always secure the artist's permission, but actually because we have a very young
4:10 audience they're completely engaged with social media, they want to use that forum to connect
4:14 with each other, to share their experiences, if they wish to use a stick they're very welcome
4:18 to do so as long as, obviously, the artwork is not damaged in any way.
4:24 So the people who visit that gallery are young and use social media a lot – they are 'engaged'
4:29 with it and they like to share their experiences.
4:33 This means taking photos on their smartphones and if they want to use a selfie stick?
4:37 … then they are 'welcome to do so'.
4:39 Just watch out where you stick it!
4:41 I suppose, as long as you respect other visitors and don't get in the way, then it's ok to
4:46 use one.
4:47 Well I'm not so sure.
4:49 Anyway, it's time to reveal the answer to the question I asked you earlier.
4:53 Yes, this was about Patrick Peterson, who holds the record for taking the most selfies
4:58 in one hour.
4:59 You asked me if he took 449, 1,449 or 2,449 in one hour.
5:08 And you said 1,449, which was … the correct answer!
5:14 I wonder what he did with all those images…
5:18 He probably put them on social media.
5:20 Well we need to 'stick' to our six minutes of English but just before we run out of time,
5:25 could you remind us of some of the vocabulary we've used today Harry?
5:28 Yes.
5:29 We had… selfie
5:32 capture a snap
5:34 selfie stick viewpoint
5:38 soared distracting
5:42 a ban imposed
5:45 sticking their neck out engaged

Opposites (Learn English via Listening Beginner Level | Lesson 101)

source: Daily English Conversation     2016年9月9日
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Some things are opposites of each other.
The opposite of black is white.
The opposite of happy is sad.
If I am at the opposite side of the room from you, it means that I am at the other side of
the room than you are on.
The opposite of up is down and the opposite of left is right.
Do you know what the opposite of young would be?
Old is the opposite of young.
What is the opposite of dirty?
Clean is the opposite of dirty.
Big is the opposite of small.
Man is the opposite of woman.
Boy is the opposite of girl.
Sometimes people think the opposite things than other people.
Someone might be wrong and someone might be right.
The opposite of mother is father.
See if you can think of some opposites.
It is cold in the winter, and it is hot in the summer.
My father is very tall, and my brother is very short.
A rock is hard, but a pillow is soft.
An ocean is deep, but a puddle is shallow.
I might tell the truth, but I might tell a lie.
All of these things are opposites.
The morning is bright, but the night is dark.
A feather is light, but an elephant is heavy.
Sugar is sweet, but a lemon is sour.
A jet plane is fast, but a turtle is slow.
I can go out in the day, or I can go out at night.
I might love to swim, or I might hate to swim.
It is interesting to see how many opposites you can think up.
I could say hello, but I think it's time to say goodbye.

Been - Come - Gone: A 90 Second English Lesson

source: Simple English Videos    2013年1月1日
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TALK, SPEAK, TELL - What's the difference?

source: EnglishLessons4U - Learn English with Ronnie! 2011年9月7日
http://www.engvid.com/ Learn when to use 'talk,'speak', and 'tell'. Many, many people learning English don't know when to use each of these words. By using the correct word in each situation, you'll sound a lot more like a native English speaker. It's an easy but very important lesson for English students. You can test your understanding by taking the quiz here: http://www.engvid.com/talk-speak-tell/

Moving to a new city - English Phrases for travel

source: Twominute English    2013年8月29日
So, you are moving all alone to a new city. You must look for a place to stay. It's always better to make the arrangement beforehand so you don't get stuck without accommodations. You can discuss this with your friends, parents or check the advertisements on the internet for accommodations. But, how would you begin the conversation? Let's find out here. In this lesson, we will learn about the phrases that you can use to seek information on different options for accommodation in the new city.
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0:03 In this lesson, we will talk about phrases that you can use while seeking information about accommodation in a new city.
0:15 Hey Jaqueline, your mom told me that you were moving to New York for your studies!
0:19 Yes. That’s right. I just found out today. Mom is so quick to spread the news!
0:25 She seems quite happy for you. So what do you plan to do now?
0:29 Everything is set. I’m just worried about the accommodation.
0:33 Haven't you applied for dormitory lodging at the college itself?
0:37 No. They are quite costly. I’m looking for some cheaper alternatives.
0:43 Why don’t you search the internet? I’m sure you’ll find a lot of advertisement on renting or sharing apartments.
0:49 Hey. That’s a great idea. Let’s do it.
0:57 Hi. My name is Tess. I’m looking for student accommodations near Welkom Campus.
1:03 What kind of an accommodation would you prefer?
1:07 That depends. What options do I have?
1:12 Well, there are single apartments, shared rooms in an apartment or house, and dormitories. Whatever suits your budget.
1:22 What will be the rent for private accommodation?
1:27 A small apartment would cost you between $950 to $1500 a month, depending on the number of rooms and location.
1:38 Alright. What about a shared room?
1:41 Shared rooms are comparatively cheaper. You can expect to get a well furnished room with meals for $200 a month.
1:51 Well, initially I’d prefer to share a room. Can I have a look at the options?
1:57 Sure. I’ll just ask my assistant to take you to see a couple of places .
2:08 Hi, my name is Susan. I’m calling from Texas.
2:11 Yes. How may I help you?
2:14 I saw this advertisement on the property portal for rental rooms. Can I speak with the person in charge?
2:20 My name is Justin, and I am also the owner of the property.
2:25 Alright. Actually, I’ll be moving to Seattle next month. I’m looking for a small room to rent.
2:30 I see. What do you do?
2:34 Well, I’m a journalist and I’ve just taken a position with Midweek. Would you tell me about the rent and facilities?
2:40 Well, we are offering our terrace room for $400 a month, and the rent includes meals and access to a fitness center.
2:49 Sounds good. I have your number. I’ll be visiting Seattle in a couple of weeks to make the arrangements.
2:54 I’ll call you then to make an appointment to see the site.
2:58 Sure. Just let me know a day before your visit.
3:06 Hey! Tess, how are you?
3:09 I’m good. So, you are moving to the Big Apple! Congratulations!
3:15 Thanks a lot. You once told me you had a cousin living there alone. Could you ask her if she needs a roommate?
3:22 You know what? Last time I spoke to her, she told me her landlord had increased the rent and she wasn’t able to afford it.
3:28 I could move in with her and we’d share the rent. It would make things easier for both of us.
3:33 Absolutely! I’ll talk to her in the evening and let you know.
3:41 Everything is set. I’m just worried about the accommodation.
3:48 I’m looking for some cheaper alternatives.
3:55 What will be the rent for private accommodation?
4:03 What about a shared room?
4:08 I saw this advertisement on the property portal for rental rooms.
4:18 I’m looking for a small room to rent.
4:24 I’ll call you then to make an appointment to see the site.
4:32 Could you ask her if she needs a roommate? I could move in with her and we’d share the rent.

Pronunciation - DU - education, schedule, individual, procedure...

source: Learn English with Emma [engVid]    2012年10月21日
http://www.engvid.com/ How do you pronounce duck and education? Is the spelling 'du' in both words pronounced the same? In this video, I will teach you how and when to pronounce 'du' like a 'j' in North American English. We will practice the pronunciation of many words, and we will do some fun tongue-twisters to make sure you've got it. Watch this lesson and make sure you don't make this very common pronunciation mistake again! Don't forget to check out the University of Iowa Library of English site that I mention in this lesson: http://www.uiowa.edu/~acadtech/phonet... And take the quiz here:http://www.engvid.com/pronunciation-du/

Pronunciation - 3 Mistakes part 2 ('t' & 'd')

source: JamesESL English Lessons (engVid)    2009年1月23日
http://www.engVid.com/ This lesson is the second of a three-part series designed to give students more natural sounding English pronunciation, by correcting three common mistakes. This lesson focuses on understanding the T and D sounds.

Useful Idioms & Phrases related to time

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2013年6月23日
Idioms & Phrases related to time - http://www.letstalkpodcast.com
In this lesson Ceema brings you some of the commonly used idioms and phrases used in our daily conversation. We hope you will find this lesson very useful to improve and perfect your English language skills.

Difference between HOW ABOUT & WHAT ABOUT: Confusing Words in English

source: Espresso English    2012年12月12日
Learn the difference between HOW ABOUT and WHAT ABOUT in everyday spoken English. Visit http://www.espressoenglish.net for English tips and intensive English courses.