CNN Student News - February 18, 2016 with English subtitles

source: Thanh Do    2016年2月18日
CNN Student News with subtitles.

source: ANTONIO GALIMBERTI     2016年2月18日
CNN Student News with closed caption. (You can click it on by yourself.)
Vocabulary Quiz for EFL Students N° 00035
Today's show covers tension in the South China Sea, a controversial case involving a terrorist's iPhone, and a Pacific fault that concerns American scientists.

School Supplies (English Picture – Lesson 20)

source: Daily English Conversation   2016年1月27日
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Summer Vacation (English Listening Level 1 - Lesson 11)

source: Daily English Conversation   2016年1月30日
Today is the last day of school.
It is summer vacation.
Grace is very excited.
This summer will be fun.
Grace is going to visit her Grandparents.
They have a cottage.
The cottage is on Lake Erie.
It is a lot of fun.
Grace is going to swim.
She is going to play board games.
She is going to talk with her grandparents.
Grace is going to have fun.
Grace is going to a summer camp.
She will sleep in a cabin.
She will make lots of new friends.
Grace will learn campfire songs.
Camp will be fun.
Grace is going to Cape Cod with her parents.
We are going for two weeks.
We are going to drive.
Grace will see the ocean.
Cape Cod will be beautiful.
Summer vacation is fun.
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English Conversation 11

source: Trung Mai    2015年11月2日

English Way DVD 14 [1-6] (Subtitles: English, Portuguese)

source: English Subtitles    2015年5月24日
In the professional area, know how to describe his work.
regard to health, learn about makeup, hairstyles, and how to overcome health problems. In the area of leisure, understand the information on tour packages and travel.

Lesson 7 - The shipment is in transit
Lesson 8 - Do you like your job?
Lesson 7 - It's my favorite pastime!
Lesson 8 - Some homework
Lesson 7 - Breakfast included
Lesson 8 - A new bar in town

Let's eat!--美语怎么说(14)

source: 美国之音中文网    2012年10月5日
1. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen 没有金刚钻,就别揽那瓷器活 
2. put sth. on the back burner 搁置某事 
3. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! 面对逆境,乐观进取