agreeing - disagreeing / accepting and refusing

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Agreeing To Requests Politely

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Agreeing and disagreeing

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Agreeing to Do Something

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0:00 Welcome to Teaching you English through two-minute lessons.
0:06 In this lesson you will learn how to use English when you wish to express your agreement in doing something.
0:17 Hi Gloria. I’ll be out of town for a day or two.
0:22 Oh! Where are you going?
0:24 Kentucky. I need a little help, Gloria.
0:29 What kind of help?
0:30 Will you take care of my dog Kinky?
0:33 Sure, I can look after Kinky for you.
0:36 Thank you, Gloria! It’s an official tour, otherwise I would take him with me.
0:48 Hey, Georgie. I have something to ask you.
0:51 What is it Gloria?
0:53 I made the report on population statistics. Will you go through my report and double check it?
0:58 Why don’t you give it to Carlin? I gave my words to Butler that I’ll follow up his report.
1:02 I don’t trust Carlin. You know, he’s a bit careless!
1:06 Alright then. But I can only check that tomorrow.
1:09 I’m in no hurry, George. I need to submit it after three days.
1:13 Well then. I’ll do it tomorrow.
1:15 Thank you, Georgie!
1:22 Ammm...Josh? Will you load some boxes in your truck down to Capitol Street for me?
1:27 Man, I have very little gas in my truck.
1:30 Don’t worry. I’ll get you 50 bucks from my manager.
1:33 I haven't had a pizza for a long time.
1:36 Oh Josh! Why do you keep killing me like that? Get your pizza from those 50 bucks!
1:41 C’mon, Georgie! Don’t be so stingy!
1:45 My goodness! Alright, alright! Load up those boxes now!
1:48 Yeah! I know my Georgie is a good man.
1:57 Hey Josh, could you bring me some saplings from the nursery?
2:02 Ah Clara! I don’t think I have time today.
2:06 You are always saying that. Don’t forget I walked your dog last week!
2:13 Hmmm...But I cannot be bringing you new saplings every other day.
2:20 It’s spring, Josh! And this is only the second time I’m asking you.
2:26 Okay, but don’t refuse to walk my dog when I’m not here then.
2:34 Will you take care of my dog Kinky?
2:41 Sure, I can look after Kinky for you.

Disagreeing Politely With People

source: Twominute English       2013年3月26日
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Offers & Refusing Offers

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Agreeing and Refusing

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Being Polite -- Accepting And Rejecting Invitations

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Reporting verbs - refuse, agree, admit, deny

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Refusing to Do Something

source: Twominute English    2013年7月1日
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0:00 Welcome to you English through two-minute lessons.
0:06 In this lesson you will learn how to refuse to do something.
0:15 Vera, will you return Mrs. Helena’s recorder?
0:19 Is that the recorder which wasn’t working?
0:22 Yup.
0:23 I think it’ll be better if you return it yourself.
0:26 But her house is on your way to university right?
0:30 Yes, but she might accuse me of breaking it.
0:33 You can tell her that it wasn’t working beforehand.
0:37 She won’t believe me. Last time, I borrowed a camera from her and I really broke it.
0:42 Hush... Alright! I’ll return the recorder then.
0:53 Becky is brilliant, but I’m not sure if she can take the strain of the hike.
0:57 Samuel, I think Max is a better hiking partner. I think you should take him along instead of Becky.
1:03 But Max is a boring guy. He just keeps on talking about his girlfriend.
1:08 At least he won’t be a burden to you during the hike.
1:11 No Samuel. I am taking this hike for fun. Max will bore the death out of me. I am not going to take him.
1:18 Hmm... So you find Becky entertaining.
1:22 Oh yes! I really like Becky. I won’t mind carrying her if I have to!
1:31 Rouf, what are you doing?
1:33 Nothing, just listening to my mp3.
1:36 Will you please walk Tiger for some time today?
1:39 Samuel, you know I don’t like pets
1:42 I have to prepare a presentation now. I’m asking you just for today.
1:47 I told you earlier that Tiger and I don’t get along!
1:51 But Tiger is an angel.
1:53 Well Samuel, your angel bit me last year so I won’t be taking him anywhere. And that’s final.


source: isaacsenglish

Thanks for your help

source: SERLYMAR
Girl: Hey, I just wanted to call and say thanks for your help.
Boy: Oh, you're welcome.
Girl: Really, you helped me a lot this weekend.Thanks a lot for your help.
Boy: It was my pleasure!\
Girl: But I want you to know that it means a lot to me.
It was not easy to help me study for that test.
Boy: Yes, it was.
Girl: Oh. Really? Well, thanks for all your help.
Boy: No problem.

Please & Thank You

source: Speak English With Misterduncan

how to use "thanks to"

source: Daily English

Express Appreciation and Gratitude

source: iBoxXIPTV

Wishes and regrets

source: Mahmoud Makram

# click for relevant grammar videos on modals: modal + have + pp

Mistakes & Regrets ("I should have studied" etc.)

source: EnglishLessons4U     2009年7月6日 Sounding like a native speaker isn't all that difficult! Learn how to talk about mistakes you made or regrets you have. I'll give you a pronunciation trick, too! Take the quiz at

# click for more grammar videos on modals: modal + have + pp
# click for more grammar videos on modal auxiliaries (modals)

Saying you're sorry

source: Twominute English    2013年2月23日
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0:00 Welcome to Teaching you English through two minute or less.
0:07 In this lesson we will learn the phrases you can use when you want to apologize to someone.
0:17 What can I do for you?
0:18 I have a problem.
0:20 What’s the problem?
0:22 I got charged for a printed bank statement that I didn’t get!
0:27 Pardon me. You didn’t make a statement request?
0:30 No I didn’t!
0:33 I will cancel the fees you owe. Please accept my apologies. I am sure it was an error.
0:39 Well thank you. I hope you guys take more care in the future.
0:43 Yes we will.
0:49 Are you aware of the reason why I pulled you over?
0:54 Not at all, sir.
0:56 One of your brake lights is out.
1:00 I am sorry I didn’t know that.
1:02 I have to write you a ticket.
1:05 Can you please give me a warning this time? I didn’t do this on purpose.
1:10 I am really sorry but I have to do my job.
1:14 Alright, please give me the ticket if you can’t help it.
1:22 Is there a problem officer?
1:24 Did you not notice that stop sign that you ran through?
1:29 I am terribly sorry but I really didn’t see it.
1:32 Well I am sorry, but you’re getting a ticket.
1:36 Oh come on officer! There was no one on the road.
1:40 Ma’am, please forgive me for saying so, but that doesn’t give you the right to break the law.
1:47 I really didn’t mean to do it, it was a honest mistake. I swear!
1:53 Is that right? Okay. I will let you go this time, but please pay more attention in the future.
2:01 Thank you for being so understanding.
2:08 What can I do for you?
2:10 I would like to return some books.
2:12 Let me have them.
2:14 Here they are.
2:15 These books were due three weeks ago.
2:18 Yeah. I totally forgot about them. I am sorry. I didn’t mean to keep the books for so long.
2:25 You’ll have to pay a fine of 30 cents per day for each one of these books.
2:30 Well, I guess I deserve that. It’ll be a lesson that will help me remember the next time.
2:40 What can I do for you?
2:45 These books were due three weeks ago.
2:51 Are you aware of the reason why I pulled you over?
3:01 Did you not notice that stop sign that you ran through?
3:10 I got charged for a printed bank statement that I didn’t get!
3:20 You’ll have to pay a fine of 30 cents per day for each one of these books.
3:30 Can you please give me a warning this time? I didn’t do this on purpose.

How To Apologize

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Saying Sorry

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Offers, Gratitude, Apologies and Requests

source: Anglo-Link

Apologizing and Forgiving (informal ways)

source: ilscTV

8 ways to say Thank You (polite English)

source: RebeccaESL

5 ways to say sorry - Polite English

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"slow down" when speaking--no need to speak fast!

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Learn English words in context

source: Doing English with Julian

Importance of Contextual Learning

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How to Listen and Understand

source: JamesESL  2010年4月24日
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Is It Normal Not To Understand 100% English in Films? YES!

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No need to apologize for your English mistakes all the time!

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electronic devices (vocabulary)

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talking about alternative and clean energy

source: Twominute English
# renewable energy sources
# solar energy
# clean energy
# talking about alternative energies

Talking about high-tech gadgets (upper intermediate level) [Learn English 67]

source: EF podEnglish    2008年3月27日
Learn how to describe the latest high-tech gadgets in English. In this advanced English lesson you will see people talking about mobile phones, PDAs and computers using compound adjectives. You will learn several of the most common compound adjectives for describing technology and how to form your own compounds.

--Look at my new fancy gadget. (my new, cool electronic device)
--It's a PDA. (Personal Digital Assistant)
--It's a wireless, multi-platform, web-enabled browser which can surf on the Internet.
--It's a solar-powered, voice-activated, memory-expandable phone.
# order of adjectives: size-shape-color-origin-material-function
--She has a small square black laptop computer.

Talking about your cellphone

source: Twominute English    2013年2月14日
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# I need a new cell-phone
--I have been using this cell phone for more than a year. I think it's time to replace it.
--Why do you want to buy a new phone? Is there a problem with this one?
--Nah. But this is a very basic phone. I really need to get my hands on a smartphone now. All my friends are using a smartphone these days.
--Alright. Which model do you plan to buy?
--I think I'll consult a few people before making the final choice.
# which smartphone to buy
--Hey Jane. I'm planning to buy a new phone. I think I'll buy a smartphone.
--That's a good though, Sam. Which one do you plan to buy?
--I haven't decided yet. Do you have any recommendations?
--My brother recently bought an iPhone 5 and I think it's really cool. You can buy that.
--Oh yeah. Well, I am confused between iPhone and Android.
--Try reading some reviews online before you decide.
--Sure! That's a good idea. I'll check online.
# features of a phone
--Hey Jenny, I have decided to buy the iPhone 5.
--Cool! What are the features?
--Well, it has a touch screen and an 8 megapixel camera.
--What does it look like?
--Didn't you check it out on the Internet? It's the slimmest of all the iPhones yet.
--That sounds cool. I think the iPhone 5 is a good choice.
# getting apps for a phone
--Jane, your brother recently bought an iPhone, right?
--Yes, Sam. Why are you asking?
--Well, I wanted some help with the app store. How do I download apps to my iPhone?
--Sure Sam. Just visit Apple's Apps Store and browse through the categories you wish to explore.
--Hey, that's easy. Will I be charged?
--Well, some apps are free while you have to pay for some. It depends on what you're looking for.

How to talk about Your Hometown

source: AL sensei

Computer Vocabulary

--computer / laptop / monitor / mouse / keyboard / wires / speakers / headphones / printer / internet

Ordering things online

source: Twominute English    2013年2月2日
# talking about online deal
--Hey, where did you buy this dress?
--I ordered it from
--Didn't you find it expensive there?
--No, not at all. It has some great deals. I got crazy discounts!
--How much did this cost you?
--Well, I got a 45% discount on the retail price.
--Wow, that's great. I will look at it today.
# enquiring about delivery
--Hello, is it
--Yes. How can I help you?
--I ordered a couple of lady's watches and they were supposed to be delivered on the 19th of this month but I haven't received the order.
--May I know your order number, please?
--Yes, sure. It's AK129984.
--Alright. I can see that the order is scheduled for delivery today.
--Hmm...I was hoping for an early delivery.
--I am sorry. We didn't have any inventory on that particular model, but you will certainly get your watches today.
--Okay. Thank you.
# paying through credit card
--Your bill amounts to 867 dollars.
--Do you accept credit cards? How can I pay?
--I'm sorry. We don't take credit card numbers on the phone for secrity purposes. I can send you an email with an online form that leads to a secure payment page.
--Won't that take too long?
--Well, I can also mark it for Cash on delivery and you can pay in cash to the delivery boy.
--That's a good option. When will he deliver?
--You will get this product within 2 days. Please keep the cash ready.
--Sure. No problem.
# exchanging a dress
--Hey, is it
--Yes, what can I help you with?
--Well, I ordered a dress from your site and I want to exchange it. Could you help me with this?
--May I know your order number and reason for exchanging?
--It's AK129984 and it's not the same dress I ordered.
--Oh, is that so! I'm really sorry.
--Please return the dress to us and we will dispatch the correct dress to you.
--Hmm...Okay. I will send the dress back to you.
--Thank you. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience.
--It's alright. I've ordered several times from you, and this is the first time that this has happened.

Complaining About the Internet Connection

source: Twominute English     2013年2月19日
# reporting an internet problem
--I need somebody to come over and fix my Internet.
--What's the problem with your internet?
--I've been experiencing connecting problems.
--How long has your net been like this?
--It's been a couple of days now.
--Can you connect to the wi-fi signals?
--I can connect alright, but I can't surf.
--Hmm...I'll send someone right along to take a look.
# choosing an Internet connection
--I'd like to have the Internet on my computer.
--What kind of connection do you want?
--I don't know. What are the options?
--You can get either dial-up or DSL.
--Which one do you recommend?
--DSL is the best. It won't tie up your phone line.
--Great! That means I can use my phone and initernet at the same time.
--That's correct. You can.
--Alright. I'll go for DSL.
# installing high speed internet
--I need to get a high-speed Internet connection.
--Do you want me to send someone to your office to tell you about the options?
--Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Please send someone.
--When do yo want her to visit?
--Can she come on Friday?
--The only time we can come on Friday is at 3:30 pm.
--That's perfect. See you on Friday.
# ordering Internet services
--I would like to order cable Internet.
--Okay. Which plan would you like to order?
--I'm not sure. What are the plans available?
--We have Internet plans starting from $10 a month to $150 a month.
--I want a high-speed 24-hour connection.
--You could get the $50 monthly plan.
--It'll give you unlimited download at a speed of 4 MBPS.
--That sounds good. I think I will order that.


source: ESLConversation


source: ESLConversation

Computers (Learn English 70)

source: EF podEnglish    2007年2月7日
Learn how to talk about the Internet in English. In this advanced English lesson you will see two friends looking for information about the weather on line. One friend is explaining to the other how to use the Internet to find this information.

--Jane, I want to find the weather forecast for Tomorrow. What do I need to do?
--First, you need to be connected to the Internet.
--Use the mouse to click on the icon here on the desktop.
--Why is it taking so long?
--If you want a faster connection, we'll have to upgrade.
--Now, I've connected. What do I do next?
--Choose a search engine which is your favorite and type in some key words.
--Then, click on "search."
--Click on the link that seems most helpful.
# spam: junk mails
# web browser
# search engine

Talking about your job

source: isaacsenglish
# Where do you work?
# What department do you work in?
--sales / marketing / product development / customer service / manufacturing / accounting / operations / legal / info tech (it) / human resources
# What do you do in the department?
--manage / oversee / supervise / I'm responsible for... / I'm in charge of... / I help...

Describing People: personality and appearance

source: Real English®

describing relationships

source: learnexmumbai
--I'm single. I'm not in a relationship.
--We are just friends. (hang out on a social level)
--in a platonic relationship
--I'm into this guy. (I'm attracted to him.)
--to ask someone out (to go out on a date with you)
--hook up (kissing, having sex before having a real date)
--seeing each other
--get engaged (event precedes marriage)
--They are newly weds. (recently married)
--They are partners. (live together but not married)
--He broke up with me. (He was the one who wanted to end the relatioinship.)
--to dump someone
--I'm through with someone.
--We are separated.
--We are divorced.
--exes: I'm his ex.

Medical English words for describing personality disorders

source: Learn American English
OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)
Manic Depression
ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

Describing a Restaurant Experience vocabulary

source: isaacsenglish
# service--slow, fast, too rushed, friendly, unfriendly, not professional
# food--overpriced, affordable, too salty, too fatty, bland, tasteless, flavorless, too spicy
# portions--too small
# place--too noisy to hold a conversation, have a good ambiance, the bathroom and the kitchen are not clean

at the travel agency

source: trung son nguyen 
# arranging a trip
--How long is your vacation?
--Just one week.
--Here's our Sydney brochure.
--Have a look and see if there's a hotel that you like.
--Would you like me to make the booking now, Sir?
# giving personal information
--I just need to take some personal information.
--What's your full name?
--Do you have a daytime number I can call if necessary?
--OK. You finish work on Friday, the 26th. So shall I try to book your flight for the next day?
--Yes, please. And a return flight on Saturday, the 3rd of August.
# booking a flight
--Is there a direct flight that I can take?
--That sounds better but it's a little longer than I thought.
--Well, it's an eight hour long flight. Don't forget the time difference.
--Can I have the details of the return flight?
# making a hotel reservation
--Do you want a single or double room?
--A single room will be fine, thanks.
--Will it have a view of the harbor?
--They have a room available. Shall I make the confirmation?
--Can I pay by credit card?
--When will I be able to collect my ticket?

At the hotel

source: trung son nguyen 
# reception desk
--I'd like to check-in, please.
--Certainly, Sir. Do you have a reservation?
--Can you please sign your name in the registration book?
--Where can I get something to eat?
--Our restaurant is located on the third floor.
# asking about local information
--Is there anything interesting to see nearby?
--There are many cafes and restaurants nearby.
--Are there any shops in the area?
--Where are the other shops?
--Most of the shops are up in the city center. It's a short walk away.

Hotels (vocabulary and dialogues)

source: Hacene Hales
--pool / key / towel / bellboy / room / key-card / pillow / dining room / lift / reservation / reception

At the Travel Agency

source: Twominute English    2013年8月23日
# booking a ticket
--Hello. I need to schedule my trip to Paris for next week?
--When would you like to travel?
--I have to reach Paris by the 24th.
--Is this a round trip? Will you need a return ticket, too?
--Yes. Check that for 31st in the evening.
--Yes, there's a non-stop flight to Paris from Kennedy Airport on the 24th at 6 am. On the 31st, yo may board Flight 309 which is also nonstop at 4:30 pm.
--Okay, fine. I think that can work for me.
--Would you like to book the tickets then?
--What's the cost?
--It'll be $2750.
--Do you accept cards?
--Yes, we do.
# booking a hotel
--I'd like to book a hotel in Paris, please.
--Sure. We can help you find a great place.
--Well, I need a budget hotel that's near the marketplaces.
--Certainly, just give me a sec... Okay, here's one. It's the Belladonna on Locke Avenue.
--What are the rates for one person?
--It costs $150 per night. The room is big and has one queen size bed.
--Okay, book that for 3 nights then, from the 24th to the 26th of this month.
--Certainly, Sir. Is there anything else I could help you with?
--That's all for now. Thank you!
# enquiring for a lower fare
--How may I help you?
--I need to book three tickets in economy class for Tokyo on the 28th of May.
--Okay. Yes, here's a flight on ANA from San Francisco to Tokyo. Would you like the return tickets, too?
--No, just one way. How much is the fare?
--It would be $5570 for the three tickets.
--Are there any other cheaper flights?
--This is the cheapest for that day. However, if you book for the 1st of June, you'll have to pay only $4800 for the three tickets on JAL.
--I see. Let me talk to my husband and call you back.
# cancelling a booking
--Hello. I need to cancel my flight to Tokyo.
--Okay. Do you know the date and the reservation number?
--I booked it yesterday. It'll be under Emma Brown, number Z21455.
--Alright, here it is. It's flight 1200 to Tokyo on June 2nd, right? Seat number 88A and 88B...
--Yeah, that's the one.
--Would you like to cancel both of them?
--You will get back only 85% of the fare.
--I understand.
--Alright. Would you like to schedule another flight?
--No, but I'll be back to you soon.
--Thank you, Mrs. Watson. Let me cancel your tickets.

Making a Hotel Reservation

source: Twominute English    2013年8月7日
# reserving a room
--Hello. Is this the Parkland Residency?
--Yes. I'm Hans. How may I help you?
--I'd like to book a room for tomorrow.
--For how many people?
--Just me.
--Okay, Sir. What's your complete name, please?
--Rouf Hughes. What is the total cost?
--That would be $120 per night.
--No problem. Book the room for one night, please.
--Sure. May I know your cell phone number?
--Yes. It's 345-344.
--Thank you. How would you like to pay?
--I can pay through credit card.
--Okay. I will call yo back in about 10 minutes to confirm your booking.
--Thank you very much.
# enquiring about availability
--Parkland Residency. This is Rouf. How may I help you?
--Hi, I'm Windy Dakota. I was wondering if I can get a good suite for the 12th of this month?
--Sorry, Miss Dakota, we have no vacant suites for that day.
--Alright, then what about the 24th?
--Please give me a moment.
--Yes, suites are available for that day. Would you like me to book one for you?
--Mmm...I'll have to call you back. Thank you.
--No problem.
# finding out about rates
--Hello. This is Hans Schefiled. What are your rates per day for a room?
--Mr. Schefiled, we have rooms ranging from $100 to $500 per day.
--What's the price for family suite with 2 beds?
--Deluxe family suites start from $450. May I know for how many people you would need the suite?
--We are four. Two adults and two kids.
--Great. It would be $500 for the best suite.
--Ah, that's expensive! Let me know if there's a good room facing the sea.
--One second... Yes, we have a fine sea-view suite for you. It's $350.
--Now that sounds nice.
--Will you be booking it, Mr. Schefield?
--Yes, please.
# finding out how to pay
--Front desk, Hotel La Belle. How may I help you?
--Yes, I called you an hour earlier. I'm Windy Dakota.
--Yes, Miss Dakota. Would you like to book a room now?
--Yes. But what are my payment options?
--We accept all types of credit cards. There is also a special rebate fo 5% on American Express cards.
--That's fine, but the problem is don't have a card. I only have a Visa checking account. problem!
--Can I use my checking account?
--Yes, certainly. You can use the debit card connected to your checking account.
--Thank you.
--You're welcome, Miss Dakota.

at the hotel (intermediate level)

source: SaidyNguyen
--a lobby / souvenir shop / reception desk / bellhop / concierge / single room / double room / suite / penthouse suite / service elevator / maid
--room service / complimentary breakfast
(the complete lesson)

source: EnglishCoursesLevel

Changing a Hotel Room

source: Twominute English    2013年6月12日
Exercises for this lesson:
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# I want another room
--Good morning, Terry. I'd like to change to another room.
--Is there a problem?
--The room would be all right if it weren't so noisy.
--It's the traffic on the street below. Closing the windows would reduce the noise.
--There'd be no fresh air if I closed the windows. And the air conditioner doesn't work. Is there  room facing the sea?
--Let me check... Yes, I can put you in Room 605. There's a wonderful view and it's very quiet.
--Thank you, Terry.
--You're welcome.
# talking to the manager
--Excuse me, Mr. Ford. The air conditioner in my room doesn't work.
--I'll send someone to take care of it right away.
--This may take too long. I'd like to change rooms, please.
--Alright. Let me see what we have available.
--Well, I'd like to stay in a room facing the sea.
--I got it. The rooms facing the sea are $25 more than those facing the road.
--That's fine. Please get me one facing the sea.
# talking about the room change
--Terry, will you please take Ms. Kate's luggage from Room 601 to 605?
--That's Ms. Kate's luggage, right?
--Yes. She wants a room facing the sea.
--She complained about the traffic noise on the street below.
--And the conditioner isn't working in 601. After you take Ms. Kate's luggage, please call maintenance and see when they can be here.
--Well, that's why she's complaining. Without the air conditioner, she keeps her windows open and all the noise from the streets bothers her. I'll take her baggage and then call Joe from maintenance.
# thanking the manager
--Good morning, Ms. Kate.
--Good morning, Mr. Ford.
--How's the new room working out for you?
--It's much better. Now I can leave the windows open when I want. I appreciate the help.
--My pleasure, Ms. Kate.
--By the way, Mr. Ford, I've been meaning to friend Lillian is arriving next week. Would you have a room available next to mine?
--I'm not sure. Let me check. Yes, here we are. The guest in Room 603 will be checking out on Saturday. Will that be OK?
--That would be perfect. She arrives on Monday. I'd like to book that room for her.
--I'll do that right away. I'll just need her last name and a credit card number.
--No problem. Her last name is Stevens, and I'll use my card.

Hotel Reservations

source: ESLConversation

'Checking into a hotel'

source: EasyFluency

Immigration control - at Immigratioin

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--Passport, please. Thank you. What's the purpose of your visit?
--How long do you plan to stay?
--Four weeks.
--And where will you be staying?
--With English friends in Vancouver.
--Can you show me the address?
--Yes, here it is.
--Thank you. Enjoy your stay.
--Thank you.

At the airport--at the immigration)

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--Good evening, Ma'am.
--Good evening.
--Where are you from?
--From London.
--What's the purpose of your visit.
--Business. I'm here for a conference.
--How long are you staying in the US?
--A week.
--Where are you staying?
--In San Francisco. At the Pacific View Hotel.
--Do you know anybody here?
--Yes, Mark Ryder.
--Is he a family or friend?
--He's a colleague and a friend.
--Do you have his phone number?
--Yes, his mobile is 405-655-7182.
--Is this your first visit to the US?
--Yes, it is.
--Enjoy your stay in San Francisco.
--Thank you.

The Airport Vocabulary

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a bad travel itinerary (Learn English 72)

source: EF podEnglish    2008年3月27日
Learn some specific English travel vocabulary that you can use on your next trip. In this advanced English lesson you will see two colleagues talking about the travel plans of one of their nieces. The girl is having some difficulty getting her trip arranged. You will learn some common vocabulary for talking about your travel plans.

(part of the video)
--Excuse me, I have to leave early.
--OK, how come?
--It's my niece. She's at the airport. She's on her way to Japan. She said the travel agent gave her the wrong itinerary. She said she had to make 3 connections to get to Japan. And that will take two days to fly there.
--It's gonna take two days? What's the problem?
--She has to fly to Rome, then Paris, then Singapore, and finally Japan.
--Really? She's going to Paris. And she needs to change planes in Rome, then Singapore?
--No, it's Rome first and Paris second.
--That doesn't make any sense. That's a bad itinerary. What do you have to go to the airport?
--She told me she had to pay $100 fee to change her ticket. She doesn't have any money.
--It sounds like she didn't prepare very well, doesn't it?
--No, she didn't. But she is a teenager and she hasn't traveled before. But unless she changes her ticket before her departure, she will go to Rome and she won't be able to get a direct flight to Japan.
--Why not just call the travel agent?
--It's 6:15; they close at 6.
--Well, hurry up. You don't want to get there after they make the boarding announcement.

checking in at the airport

source: Edward Keyte
--Good morning. May I have your ticket, please.
--Here you are.
--Thank you. Would you like smoking or non-smoking?
--Non-smoking, please.
--Would you like a window or an aisle set?
--An aisle seat, please.
--Do you have any baggage?
--Yes, this suitcase and this carry-on bag.
--Here's your boarding pass. Have a nice flight.
--Thank you.



Booking airline ticket

source: Englishwilleasy
# 1.
- I want to fly to Geneva on or about the first.
- I'll just see what there is.
- I want to go economy and I'd prefer the morning.
- Lufthansa Flight LH 203 leaves at 9.20.
- What time do I have to be there?
- The coach leaves for the airport at 8.15.
- I'd like to book a flight to Munich for Monday the tenth.
- I'll have a look in the time-table for you.
- I'll need an economy class open return.
- KLM have got a DC-9 leaving at 9.25.
- What else ought I to know?
- The latest time of reporting is 8.35 at the airport.
- What flights are there from London to Vienna tomorrow?
- If you'd like to take a seat, I'll find out for you.
- I'd like to travel first class, please.
- BEA flight BE 502 takes off from Heathrow at 9.25 and flies direct.
- What time have I got to get there?
- You'll have to be at West London Air Terminal by 8.10 at the latest.
- Are there any planes to Zurich on Sunday?
- If you'll excuse me for a second, I'll check.
- By the way, I don't want a night flight.
- There's a plane at 9.20.
- When am I supposed to check in?
- You must be at the airport before 8.20.

At the Airport | Vocabulary

source: Linguaspectrum Interesting English
--a passenger / crew / ground / ground crew / air crew
--the pilots in the cockpit
--the stewardess in the cabin
--a(n) jet / plane / airplane / aircraft / aeroplane
--When does the plane take off/leave? / When does the flight depart? / What's the departure time?
--What time do we land? / What time do we get in? / What time do we arrive?
--How long's the flight?
# places and things in the airport
--the terminal / Passengers arrives at the terminal building. Passengers also depart from the terminal building.
--trolley / Passengers carry their baggage or luggage on these baggage trolleys.
--check-in desks / Passengers check their bags here. Passengers check their bags in here.
--departure lounge / Passengers wait to board their flight in the departure lounge.
--the runway / Planes take off along the runway. Planes land on the runway.
--customs / Passengers may have to go through customs.
--passport / Passengers may need to show their passport.
--baggage carousel / Passengers reclaim their bags here. Passengers claim their bags from a baggage carousel.

At the airport

source: BiscuitSoft
# outside areas of the airport:
--long-term car park / departures / arrivals
# places inside the airport:
--flight announcements
--the check-in desk
--the luggage carousel
--security and emigration
--the departure lounge next to the gate
# relevant words and phrases
--hand over one's suitcase
--an excess baggage fee
--the plane's cargo
--a boarding pass
--carry-on baggage
--flight attendant
--her plane is boarding
--walk down the runway where her plane is waiting
--to pass through a scanner
--a special x-ray machine
--to take a shuttle train

check in / on the plane / buying duty-free goods / at the Immigratioin

source: Thong nhat nguyen
(part of the video)
# check in
--Can I see our ticket and passport?
--Certainly. There you are.
--Would you like a window or an aisle seat?
--This is your seat number and the departure gate.
--What time will we be boarding?
# on the plane
--Would you like a newspaper to read, Sir.
--We have some flight entertainment for you too.
--You'll find the film guide in the pocket in front of you.
--If there's anything I can get for you, then please just call for assistance.
--When will dinner be served?
# duty-free goods
--Would you like to order any duty-free goods?
--Yes, please. Can I pay by credit card?
--Is there anything else you'd like sir?
--Will that be all sir?
--Yes, that's everything.
--Please wait while I collect your duty-free goods.
# passport control (at the Immigration)
--Do you have anything to declare?
--No, I just have these duty-free items that I bought on the plane.
--Is this your first trip here?
--No, I came here on business a few years ago, but I couldn't stay long.
--Are you here on business or pleasure this time?
--Purely pleasure this time.

Talking to a Co-Passenger (airport conversation)

source: Twominute English
Exercises for this lesson :
# asking about your destination
--Hey, I'm Mark. Are you on Continental 21?
--Yup. Going to Las Vegas. I'm Sam by the way.
--First time going there?
--Nah. My uncle lives there, so I fly there quite often. Anything you want to know about Vegas?
--Well, this is my first time. I don't really know much about the place.
--Oh, don't worry. You're going to love it. No matter what your preferences are, Vegas has something for you.
--That's good to hear. I'm staying at the Bellagio. Any good places around that area?
--Are you kidding me? It's a hub of entertainment. It's surrounded by luxurious hotels, huge casinos, delicious food and just about everything else you need.
--Oh, then I guess I made the right choice.
--Sure did.
# asking about transportation
--Hey, you look terrified. Everything alright?
--I'm just afraid of planes. Besides that, everything is fine.
--Oh, take a deep breath. Let's talk and you can take your mind off the plane.
--Well, I guess I can try that.
--So, this is my first time in Las Vegas. I'm staying at the Bellagio. How do I get there?
--Well, you need to take a cab. Just get off on Terminal 3 and you will find a lot of them in that area.
--OK. No other options?
--You could rent a car. Some rental companies have their stands around the airport. It might be cheaper.
--Great. I'll do that I guess. By the way, we're already on the ground. I guess it did work out.
--Seriously? Thanks!
# first time at the airport
--Hey, are you alright? You look confused.
--I've never been at an airport in my life, so I don't know where to go first.
--Well, for starters, where are you going?
--I'm going to Las Vegas on Continental Flight 21.
--OK, let me see. First, you need to check in at your airline's counter.
--Yeah, I already did that. I got my boarding pass and checked my luggage.
--Well, then you need to go through the security check.
--Alright. Anything after that?
--Nothing much. Just go t your gate and wait for the boarding call.
--Oh, that's easy. Thanks a lot.
# What book are you reading?
--Excuse me, I'm sorry. I just couldn't help noticing that the book you're reading is really colorful. It looks interesting. I'm Paula by the way.
--Hi, Paula. I'm Angie. Well, it's a book for children. Do you like reading children's stories?
--I think I read this one as a kid. It has stories of Brer Rabbit, doesn't it?
--Yes, it does. It's by Enid Blyton.
--Oh, I love Blyton! I've been reading her stories since I was 5.
--Me too. Where are you flying to?
--Quincy, California. What about you?
--My goodness, I'm going there too!

On the Airplane - talking to airline staff

source: Twominute English      2013年8月3日
Most of us have have been on airplanes. There are many reasons why you might want to call the cabin crew, but do you know what to say? In this lesson we will learn the phrases that you can use to talk to the airline staff to get service on an airplane.
The sentences with the key phrases are highlighted at the end of the video. Practice all the phrases at the end to build your fluency.

# I want another blanket
--Could I get another blanket, please? I'm a little cold.
--Sure. Would you like to have one or two?
--I think one would be enough.
--Alright. Would you like anything else?
--No. That'll be all. Thank you.
--You're welcome. I'll be back with your blanket.
# What's the flight schedule?
--Excuse me, how long will it take before we reach Seattle?
--It's a long journey. We still have 5 hours before landing.
--Will there be any snacks before we land?
--Yes, another meal will be served in 2 hours, but I can get you a small snack now if you like.
--Yes, that would be great.
--No problem. I'll be back in a moment with your snack.
# asking for a drink
--Can I get something to drink, please?
--Sure. Staying hydrated is important on these long flights. What would you like to drink?
--I'd like some apple juice if you have it.
--Yes, we do. Would you like to have ice in it?
--No, it's already quite cold here. Just get me a plain glass of juice.
--Sure. Just give me a moment. I'll be right back with it.
# asking for a pen
--Here's an arrival card for immigration ma'am.
--Thanks. I need a pen. Could you lend me one, please?
--Another cabin crew member will be bringing pens around in a moment.
--That's good. I need to fill out this immigration form before we land.
--Remember it should be filled out using black ink. Someone will bring you a pen shortly.
--Thanks a lot.

common words and phrases for the procedures at the airport

source: Twominute English
exercises for this lesson:
# at the security gate
--Hello. Can I see your ID and the ticket, please?
--Sure. Here's my ID and my ticket.
--Thank you. You may proceed to the check-in counter.
# at the check-in counter
--Good evening. Welcome to A1 Airlines. Please give me your ticket and ID.
--Here they are.
--Thank you. Do you have any check-in baggage?
--Yes, I have one suitcase.
--OK. Any hand-baggage?
--Yes, I'm carrying my backpack into the cabin.
--Here's a security tag for your cabin-baggage. Please attache the tag to your bag.
--Thank you.
# choosing the seat
--Would you like the window seat or the aisle seat?
--I think I will go for the aisle seat this time.
--Sure sir, I can give you the aisle seat.
--Thanks. That will be very nice.
--You're welcome. Your seat number is 6D.
# at the baggage checking machine
--Please take out your laptops and mobile phone and put it in this tray.
--You can proceed to the security check. Please remember to collect your items after the check.
--Thank you. I will.
# at the security check
--Please empty your pockets and put the contents in the tray, and hand me your boarding pass.
--Please raise your hands and keep them raised while I inspect you.
--No problems.
--Okay. You're cleared to go. Here's your boarding pass.
--Thank you.

Shadowing - flight annoucement

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London buses vocabulary

source: JODDLE your English

Kids English Lesson: means of transportation

source: jomzparak05
--How do you come to school?
--I walk to school.
--I come to school by taxi / school bus / car / van / bike / bus / train / subway / ship / plane / yacht / truck.
--How long does it take?
--It takes 10 minutes.

Transport | Vocabulary (British pronunication)

source: Linguaspectrum Interesting English
--pram / tricycle / bicycle / tyre / motorbike / locomotive / traction engine / double-decker bus / fire-engine / wagon / wheelbarrow / tank / canoe / kayak / jet-ski / yacht / dinghy / submarine / windsurfer / ferry / merchantman / cabin cruiser / anchor / sextant / plane / helicopter / balloon / blimp / jet fighter / propeller / biplane / monoplane / spacecraft / seats / seaplane / parachute


source: EnglishCoursesLevel


source: Hacene Hales
# rail transport:
--train / underground (or metro) / train station / ticket
# air transport:
--plane / airport / helicopter
# road transport:
--road / car / car park / bus / motorway / bicycle (or bike) / motorbike
# water transport:
--ferry / boat / yacht / ship
--Hello. How can I help?
--Hi, could I have a return ticket to Sydney, please?
--At what time?
--The train at 11:06, please.
--That's $15, please.
--Here you are.
--Here's your ticket.
--Many thanks. Have a nice day!

Talking About Public Transportation - Vocabulary

source: Twominute English    2013年8月12日
# need a bus to Las Vegas?
--John, I need some advice.
--Sure, Tyra. What is it?
--I need to go to Las Vegas for a conference. Can you tell me if I can get a bus?
--A conference in Vegas? That sounds awesome! Well, you can easily find a bus from the interstate.
--Any idea when the bus leaves?
--I've used it once. I think it leaves at 7:30 am. But do check. Maybe you can call them.
--Hmm... Yeah, I will call them and find out.
# a subway ride
--Alright, so it's decided. I'll see you at 6:30 at the Central Station.
--I'll be there, Winnie, but can't we make it a bit later? What about 7?
--I'll be taking the 6 pm subway train so I'll get there by 6:30. But no problems, I'll hang around.
--Why don't you take a bus instead?
--I don't like travelling on buses, John. The subway is faster and safer.
--You're right about that.
# Do I need to change buses?
--I need to get to Westport St. this evening. Does a bus go there from Newtown?
--Well, I don't think so. It's a small street at the other end of town. I think you'll need to change at Westbanks.
--Change the bus? That's going to take me so much time. Isn't there a better way?
--You could always go by car, or take the subway.
--Is there a subway stop at Westport?
--No, but there's one at Westbanks and you can get a bus from there.
# Which train should I take?
--Excuse me, I need to go to Rock Street. Can you tell me which train to take?
--Rock Street? Isn't that near Smith's Walk?
--Yeah, that's right. Smith's Walk is right nearby.
--Take the Green line, and get down at Browning Street. From there, take a cab.
--How far is it from Browning Street?
--About 2 KMs (kilometers) I think. You could walk too.
--The weather is nice today. I might walk. Thank you for your help.
--No problem. It's a pleasure to be of help.

how to ride the subway

source: TeacherPhilEnglish

Daily Activities (for beginners)

source: englishabc123
--wake up / wash dishes / drive the car / wash clothes / leave the house / get dressed / put on makeup / exercise / go to sleep / shave my face / drink coffee / write / wash my hands / cook / read the newspaper / iron / take the bus / turn on the light / go shopping / brush my teeth / sweep the floor / take a shower / open the window / watch television / comb my hair / eat / lock the door
# What do you do everyday?

# he/she/it + V(e)s

# What does he/she/it do every day?

# present progressive: be + Ving

# What is he/she/it doing right now?

Daily Routines: Vocabulary for beginners

source: AMES836
--get up / have a shower / get dressed / have breakfast / brush one's teeth / go to school / arrive at school / have lessons / have lunch / leave school / do one's homework / play computer games / ride a bicycle / play football / listen to music / watch TV / have dinner / go to bed / read a book / sleep

Renting an Apartment

source: EnglishLessons4U
the quiz:
# North-American English vocabulary
--How much is the rent per month?
--to sign a lease (a contract)
--first + last
--deposit (a small amount of money to save/reserve the place for you)
--a receipt
--to rent a condo(minium)
--to rent an apartment
--to rent a room
--a roommate / housemate
# size:
--a bachelor / studio apartment (not sharing the bathroom)
--JR (junior) 1 bedroom
--1 bedroom + den
--2 bedroom

Renting an Apartment in Vancouver

source: Susan Bates
--Excuse me, are you the manager?
--Do you have an apartment for rent?
--Yes, 106 is available. Would you like to see it?
--Yes, I would. How many bedrooms are there?
--It's a two-bedroom unit.
--That's perfect, just the right size.
--Good, let's go and have a look.
--So, this is the living room.
--It's nice and bright. Did you have it painted recently?
--Yes, I did.
--And how much is the rent?
--It's $550 a month.
--I see. Are the utilities included in the rent?
--No, you have to pay for your own light and heat.
--Okay. So can I look around?
--Sure. Go ahead. If you have any questions, ask me.
--Well, the bedrooms are nice and large. But the kitchen is quite small.
--Did you notice the dishwasher?
--A dishwasher! No, I didn't notice it. That's great. Well, I really like this place. Can I put my name down?
--Sure. Is it just for you?
--No, I'll be sharing it with a friend.
--Do you both work?
--We both go to school and work part-time. I am sure we can afford this place.
--Is this the first time you've rented an apartment?
--No, I've rented an apartment before.
--So can I put my name and phone number down?
--Go ahead.
--My name is Tomoko Yamamoto, that's Y-a-m-a-m-o-t-o. And my phone number is 437-9843.
--Okay. Do you have references?
--Yes. Would you like the number of my supervisor at work?
--Sure. How long have you worked there?
--Two years. My supervisor's name is Amy Chang. And her phone number is 431-8976.
--So, when will you let me know?
--In a couple of days. I have to check your references.
--Great. And when is the apartment available?
--End of the month.
--That's perfect! So you'll get back to me?
--In a few days.
--Well, thanks.
--You're welcome.

Real Estate- Buying, Selling & Renting - How to Rent an Apartment or House

source: Englishdomcom

renting apartment

source: chicagoalmose

renting a house

source: diabaki

How to rent an apartment

source: ziyadziyadziyad
# part of the content:
--How can I help you? Have a seat.
--I'm looking for an apartment or room for rent.
--We have two types of apartments.
--What are the features of the room?
--All of the utilities are included. Each apartment is fully furnished with balconies. And all bedrooms have a private bathroom.
--What do you mean by utility?
--It means that your electricity, water, sewage, trash pickup, internet and TVs. All included.
--Is it short term or longer term lease?
--Can I have a tour please?

Signing a lease and condition report (in NSW, Australia)

source: NSWOFT

Renting an apartment

source: Twominute English  2013年2月4日
You need to shift apartments this month? Looking for a new pad? In this lesson you will learn the sentences and the phrases that you can utilize when you look for a new apartment on rent. Listen carefully and practice your speaking.

# finding apartment
--How did you find your apartment?
--I got it online. I looked on a classifieds website.
--That's great. I want to move into another apartment.
--Hmm... Well, you can find one online.
--That sounds like a good idea. Will you come with me when I go to look at the apartments?
--Sure, but I can only come on the weekends.
# discussing security
--This apartment has everything I'm looking for!
--Thanks. Is there any other information you need?
--Yes. I want to know about the safety features.
--Of course. There are guards in the building 24 hours. All of the apartments have an intercom and the doors are highly secured.
# asking a friend for help in moving
--Hey Jenny, I need your help.
--Sure Jade, with what?
--I'm moving to a new apartment this week and I need some help.
--Okay. I can help you if you move on Saturday.
--That's fine. Can you bring your father's big SUV please? I can transport my stuff in it.
--No problems, Jade. I will ask him for the car. I'm sure he will lend me.
--Thank you, Jenny. Can you come at 3pm?
--Yes. I will also bring my boyfriend Mark to help you with the lifting.
--Thanks! That's great!

Furniture and Appliances

source: AMES836
--bathroom / bathtub / shower / toilet / washbasin / bidet / scale / towel / hair dryer /
--bedroom / bed / pillow / mirror / lamp / wardrobe / closet / chest of drawers / dresser / bedside table / alarm clock
--living room / curtains / rug / carpet / armchair / sofa / couch / cushion / television set / bookcase / bookshelf / telephone set / computer
--kitchen / table / chair / fridge / refrigerator / cupboard / microwave / cooker / stove / sink / stool / dishwasher / scale / toaster / blender
--utility room / vaccum cleaner / washing machine / iron  

Vegetables (Vocabulary)

source: Linguaspectrum Interesting English
Podcasts, Typescripts, Interactive Quizzes, etc.:
# artichoke, asparagus, aubergine, beetroot, broccoli, brussels sprout, green bean, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, celery, courgette, cucumber, garlic, a clove of garlic, ginger, leek, lettuce, onion, parsley, pepper, potato(es), pumpkin, radicchio, sweetcorn, spring onion, tomato, turnip, yam, salad, greens, root vegetables, chillies, peas  

Parts of the House (for beginners)

source: AMES836
--house / roof / window / chimney / garden / garage / driveway / gate / downstairs / upstairs / hall / kitchen / bedroom / stairs / bathroom / living room / study / dining room / attic / basement

English words in the kitchen

source: WatchandLearnEnglish
# a toaster / a kettle / an oven / a microwave / a tap / a faucet / a sink / a fridge / a freezer / dishwasher / washing machine

Calling About a Problem with Your Apartment

source: ChannelCIES

Calling About an Apartment

source: ChannelCIES

10 English Phrases for Renting an Apartment

source: Espresso English
--I checked the classifieds, but I didn't see anything in my price range.
--The apartment is fully furnished and has a balcony overlooking the park. (unfurnished; semi-furnished)
--I can't afford to live there alone, so I'm looking for a roommate.
--We're looking for a spacious apartment in an upscale neighborhood.
--To move in, you need to pay the first and last months' rent plus a security deposit.
--On average, the utilities come to about $150 a month.
--There's no washing machine or dryer in the apartment, but there's a laundromat nearby.
--My sister is subletting her studio apartment for 3 months while she travels to Europe.
--The landlord is offering a two-year lease with an option to renew.
--The building is a bit run-down, but the apartment itself was recently renovated. (refurbished; remodeled)

Going to the dentist

source: EnglishLessons4U
# take the quiz:
--teeth / tooth (baby tooth, adult tooth, wisdom tooth)
--My tooth is sore. I have a cavity / a toothache.
--He has bad breath because he has a cavity.
--to make an appointment with the dentist's office
--The dentist will give you a check up.
--To treat your cavity, the dentist has to drill your tooth and put in a filling and a cap.
--If the cavity has eaten all of your tooth and your tooth needs to be taken out, you can get either an implant or a false tooth (teeth).

Giving directions (vocabulary)

source: mung288
--traffic light / mailbox / stop sign / fire hydrant
--go straight for one block / two blocks
--turn left / right
--Go to the bakery and turn left.
--Go one block past the inn.
--Go straight for two blocks.
--The bank is on your left / right.
--How do I get to the movie theater?
--Go to the mailbox and turn right, then go one block.
--Go two blocks past the traffic signal.
--Where is the bakery?
--It's past the fire hydrant on your right.
--How do I get to the bookstore?
--Go to the traffic signal and turn left. The bookstore is on your left.
--How do I get to the bank?
--Go to the mailbox and turn right, then go two blacks. It's on your right.

Describing A Location

source: Thong nhat nguyen

Talking to real estate agent for flat on rent (Wa...

source: WabsTalk