at the travel agency

source: trung son nguyen 
# arranging a trip
--How long is your vacation?
--Just one week.
--Here's our Sydney brochure.
--Have a look and see if there's a hotel that you like.
--Would you like me to make the booking now, Sir?
# giving personal information
--I just need to take some personal information.
--What's your full name?
--Do you have a daytime number I can call if necessary?
--OK. You finish work on Friday, the 26th. So shall I try to book your flight for the next day?
--Yes, please. And a return flight on Saturday, the 3rd of August.
# booking a flight
--Is there a direct flight that I can take?
--That sounds better but it's a little longer than I thought.
--Well, it's an eight hour long flight. Don't forget the time difference.
--Can I have the details of the return flight?
# making a hotel reservation
--Do you want a single or double room?
--A single room will be fine, thanks.
--Will it have a view of the harbor?
--They have a room available. Shall I make the confirmation?
--Can I pay by credit card?
--When will I be able to collect my ticket?