check in / on the plane / buying duty-free goods / at the Immigratioin

source: Thong nhat nguyen
(part of the video)
# check in
--Can I see our ticket and passport?
--Certainly. There you are.
--Would you like a window or an aisle seat?
--This is your seat number and the departure gate.
--What time will we be boarding?
# on the plane
--Would you like a newspaper to read, Sir.
--We have some flight entertainment for you too.
--You'll find the film guide in the pocket in front of you.
--If there's anything I can get for you, then please just call for assistance.
--When will dinner be served?
# duty-free goods
--Would you like to order any duty-free goods?
--Yes, please. Can I pay by credit card?
--Is there anything else you'd like sir?
--Will that be all sir?
--Yes, that's everything.
--Please wait while I collect your duty-free goods.
# passport control (at the Immigration)
--Do you have anything to declare?
--No, I just have these duty-free items that I bought on the plane.
--Is this your first trip here?
--No, I came here on business a few years ago, but I couldn't stay long.
--Are you here on business or pleasure this time?
--Purely pleasure this time.