Talking to a Co-Passenger (airport conversation)

source: Twominute English
Exercises for this lesson :
# asking about your destination
--Hey, I'm Mark. Are you on Continental 21?
--Yup. Going to Las Vegas. I'm Sam by the way.
--First time going there?
--Nah. My uncle lives there, so I fly there quite often. Anything you want to know about Vegas?
--Well, this is my first time. I don't really know much about the place.
--Oh, don't worry. You're going to love it. No matter what your preferences are, Vegas has something for you.
--That's good to hear. I'm staying at the Bellagio. Any good places around that area?
--Are you kidding me? It's a hub of entertainment. It's surrounded by luxurious hotels, huge casinos, delicious food and just about everything else you need.
--Oh, then I guess I made the right choice.
--Sure did.
# asking about transportation
--Hey, you look terrified. Everything alright?
--I'm just afraid of planes. Besides that, everything is fine.
--Oh, take a deep breath. Let's talk and you can take your mind off the plane.
--Well, I guess I can try that.
--So, this is my first time in Las Vegas. I'm staying at the Bellagio. How do I get there?
--Well, you need to take a cab. Just get off on Terminal 3 and you will find a lot of them in that area.
--OK. No other options?
--You could rent a car. Some rental companies have their stands around the airport. It might be cheaper.
--Great. I'll do that I guess. By the way, we're already on the ground. I guess it did work out.
--Seriously? Thanks!
# first time at the airport
--Hey, are you alright? You look confused.
--I've never been at an airport in my life, so I don't know where to go first.
--Well, for starters, where are you going?
--I'm going to Las Vegas on Continental Flight 21.
--OK, let me see. First, you need to check in at your airline's counter.
--Yeah, I already did that. I got my boarding pass and checked my luggage.
--Well, then you need to go through the security check.
--Alright. Anything after that?
--Nothing much. Just go t your gate and wait for the boarding call.
--Oh, that's easy. Thanks a lot.
# What book are you reading?
--Excuse me, I'm sorry. I just couldn't help noticing that the book you're reading is really colorful. It looks interesting. I'm Paula by the way.
--Hi, Paula. I'm Angie. Well, it's a book for children. Do you like reading children's stories?
--I think I read this one as a kid. It has stories of Brer Rabbit, doesn't it?
--Yes, it does. It's by Enid Blyton.
--Oh, I love Blyton! I've been reading her stories since I was 5.
--Me too. Where are you flying to?
--Quincy, California. What about you?
--My goodness, I'm going there too!