At the Airport | Vocabulary

source: Linguaspectrum Interesting English
--a passenger / crew / ground / ground crew / air crew
--the pilots in the cockpit
--the stewardess in the cabin
--a(n) jet / plane / airplane / aircraft / aeroplane
--When does the plane take off/leave? / When does the flight depart? / What's the departure time?
--What time do we land? / What time do we get in? / What time do we arrive?
--How long's the flight?
# places and things in the airport
--the terminal / Passengers arrives at the terminal building. Passengers also depart from the terminal building.
--trolley / Passengers carry their baggage or luggage on these baggage trolleys.
--check-in desks / Passengers check their bags here. Passengers check their bags in here.
--departure lounge / Passengers wait to board their flight in the departure lounge.
--the runway / Planes take off along the runway. Planes land on the runway.
--customs / Passengers may have to go through customs.
--passport / Passengers may need to show their passport.
--baggage carousel / Passengers reclaim their bags here. Passengers claim their bags from a baggage carousel.