Talking about dress shirts (button-up shirts)

source: English Lessons with Alex       2015年7月6日

# collar
--fix / pop your collar
# sleeves
--roll up / roll down your sleeves
# cuffs
# button
--Your button / shirt is undone!
--Button your shirt up. / Button up your shirt.
--Do the buttons up. / Do up the buttons
--Unbutton your shirt.
--Undo your shirt / the buttons / the top button / ...

8 Idioms with "HAVE" in English

source:  Learn English with Rebecca      2015年6月27日
1. Bill has a sweet tooth.
2. Susan has a heart of gold.
3. John has a good head on his shoulders.
4. Angela has her hands full.
5. Steven has eyes in the back of his head.
6. Barbara has a big mouth.
7. Mark has a green thumb.
8. Julia has her head in the clouds.  

How to express opposing ideas in English: despite, although, nevertheless...

source: Learn English with Emma      2015年7月22日
When you give your opinion, it's a very good idea to start by saying what is good about the opposite opinion. Examples:

"Although some people love eating at home, I prefer eating at a restaurant."
"Although some people prefer cats, I prefer dogs."
"Although some people prefer to live in cold countries, I prefer warm countries."
"Even though some people love going to beaches, I prefer skiing."
"Even though skiing is a lot of fun, I'd rather go to the beach."
"Even though Canada is a good country, Canada has problems."
#  "Despite" is very similar to "although" and "even though".

# relevant grammar videos: transitions for expressing contrast & comparison

Avoid using incorrect workplace phrases

source:Learn English with Let's Talk      2015年7月31日

1) This job is too stressful. ( noun)
2) There is a lot of work,but I can handle it.(verb)
3) They fired two of my co-workers last month.(verb)
4) I work in the sales department.(verb)
5) I usually don't eat in the lunch room.(noun)
6) The dress code for tomorrow is casual.(noun)
7) My job demands a lot of travelling.(verb)
8) I report directly at the head office.(verb)
9) The company has a reputation of treating their employees well.(verb)
10) I commute (travel) to work by train.(verb)

Phrases to get the best salary in a job interview...

source: Learn English with Let's Talk       2015年8月3日
Below are the phrases that will get you the best salary as per your experience and skills.

1) Competitive Salary - One can't go wrong when they ask for a competitive salary. If you say you are expecting a competitive salary it means you have an idea of the industry average and would like to get at least that amount.
2) I expect experience based remuneration - Giving numbers in a job interview speaks of bad manners, so if your are an experienced professional in a certain field it is safe to say that you expect your experience to reflect on your remuneration package.
3) My salary expectations are in line with my qualifications and education - This phrase is similar to the above one but with an emphasis on your qualification. It is a good way of emphasizing your educational background and its role in your career especially if it is something really relevant to bring it on the table.
4) I expect it to be based on my drive and performance - When you use this expression it displays your excitement and enthusiasm to work for the organization and will help you to prove the value you would bring in to the company by getting employed. This phrase also helps you to display your confidence and emphasize your abilities further.
5) With this offer do I forecast other benefits? - This phrase can be used when you don't get the salary according to your expectations. This happens when the companies have a salary cap and therefore adhere to the budgets. Rather than giving up ask about the potential advancement within the company and the eventual raises or even talk about the incentives.

10 Informal English Phrases Used by Native Speakers

source: Espresso English     2015年6月14日
Everyday English Speaking Course -

1. Hang in there.
2. My new job rocks/rules!
3. The new technology blew me away.
4. I missed the boat on that one.
5. We got off on the wrong foot.
6. Everybody was freaking out.
7. I haven't done this in a long time. I'm rusty.
8. Things are still up in the air.
9. We all have to pitch in.
10. I'm beat. Time to hit the sack.

15 "Hot" English Expressions

source: Espresso English     2015年6月21日
English Idioms Course -
Slang & Informal English -

1. hotline
2. hotbed
3. hotshot
4. hotheaded
5. selling like hotcakes
6. a hot spot
7. a hot-button issue
8. hot off the press
9. full of hot air
10. hot under the collar
11. in hot water
12. have the hots for someone
13. hot to trot
14. hot on someone's heels
15. strike while the iron is hot

English Vocabulary: In the GARDEN

source: Learn English with Ronnie!      2015年6月19日

# Tools: trowel / watering can / spade / fork / pruners / shears / hose / wheel borrow / lawnmower
# annual / perennial plants / soil / root / earth / seed / weed
# dig a hole / water the plants / grow a seed / mow the lawn / pull out the weeds / plant a tree