CNN 10 with subtitles | January 31, 2017 | NATO, why it's significant | Daily Listening

source: Daily Listening    2017年1月30日
CNN 10 | January 31, 2017 | NATO, why it's significant | Daily Listening hightlights: Today's topics include an examination of NATO, why it's significant, and what its future might be. We're also covering an attack on a mosque in Canada, and we're explaining how much-needed relief has arrived for California's historic drought. And new technology helps athletes in an old-school sport perfect their punches.
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Visual Vocabulary - To Cut Corners

source: EnglishAnyone    2016年12月4日
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Today’s expression is “to cut corners.” This is a very common idiom meaning to do something badly to save time, effort or money.
Imagine you’re walking along a sidewalk surrounding a square park. If you’re told to walk around the entire park, you might be tempted to physically “cut the corners,” by walking off the sidewalk and on to the grassy area near the corners of the park to save a bit of time.
But if you were told to walk around the entire park to meet a certain distance requirement – like with a race – you would be cheating by cutting corners.
When you cut corners, as opposed to being more productive or efficient, you really just hurt yourself in the long run to save a bit of time, energy or money now.

# “To cut corners” is a phrase you can use in both professional and casual situations:
A: The company is cutting corners by using cheaper materials in their products.
B: I heard. I expect they’ll be receiving more customer service calls soon.

A: I cut corners by starting by business without a permit!
B: That’s a dumb idea! What do you think will happen when the government finds out?

A: My husband is trying to teach our daughter ballet, although he knows nothing about it.
B: I know you’re trying to save money, but this is cutting some serious corners with her education.

A: If you cut corners on your car repairs, your vehicle won’t last as long.
B: That’s why I’m sure to get the best service I can!

Best Prepositions lesson! On / In / At

source: Learn English with Papa Teach Me    2017年1月28日
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Using WHEN & WHERE to Make Plans

source: Learn English with Gill (engVid)   2017年1月23日
Are you feeling like a day out with a friend? Great! Let me teach you how to arrange a meeting so you can have a chance to practise your English together! In this lesson, I will teach you some of the vocabulary you need to make plans. We will cover all the essential details, such as when, meaning the time of the meeting, and where, meaning the location. After watching, make sure to do the quiz at to check your understanding of the lesson. Have a fun day out!

Intonation for Lists and Alternatives - English Pronunciation with Jenni...

source: JenniferESL   2017年1月26日
Click to watch Lesson 3 on tag questions and negative questions.
0:01 What kind of milk can one buy?
0:47 Lesson title
0:58 Stating a list
2:01 Presenting alternatives
2:26 Review of stepping and gliding
2:59 Thought groups (intonation groups) in lists and alternatives
3:10 What is a low rise pattern?
3:48 Other patterns for yes-no questions
4:46 Rising intonation to suggest other options
5:24 Listen and repeat practice
8:16 How listeners react to rising intonation
8:58 Lesson ending
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To get caught up in

source: Go Natural English    2017-01-30
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How to talk like a REAL Londoner

source: English Jade - Learn English (engVid)   2017年1月28日
Learn about the London street accent! English slang is often very different from grammatically correct English. The London street accent is no exception. This variety of English is called "Multicultural London English" by academics and "Jafaican" by people who dislike the accent. In this video, I explain some of the grammatical features of this way of speaking English and share with you some phrases and expressions. You may not wish to speak this way yourself because it is grammatically incorrect. However, if you visit London, you may encounter people who speak this way or overhear their conversations. It is interesting to compare textbook standard English to the English actually spoken in the real world by Londoners themselves, so watch this lesson to learn all about it!

English at University: 10 - Learn phrases about asking for clarification plus phrases using 'easy'

source: BBC Learning English    2016年11月14日
Mary's course in Business Studies is underway, but she hasn't really learnt much yet. Also, she's not quite sure what it is Prof. Not wants. She learns how to ask for clarification when there's something she doesn't understand.
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Hello and welcome to English at University - the series that teaches some English phrases to help you through your first year of study abroad.

Mary's come to the UK to study Business at the University of Studies – she's learning about student life but she hasn't learnt much about business yet – however she's about to go to her second lecture, so all that might change….

…so business really is the life blood of the economy – and we can read more about that in my book. Anyway, the subject of your first assignment…

What's an assignment?

It's a piece of work- like an essay – you have to do as part of your studies. I love assignments: I'm always very good at them.

Prof. Not
…Daniel, can you pay attention please. This is very important – your assignment can be quite short or very long and it's about business and what-not. Type it out and send it to me – easy really.

Oh dear. It's easier said than done. He's not very clear about what he wants. Are you confused Mary?

I am a bit. Quite short, very long, 'business and what-not'… what exactly does he want?

It's time to ask for clarification. You need to ask him how many words he wants and how it should be presented. How he wants it delivered and most importantly – when's the deadline? Get those details right and you're on your way to preparing your first assignment.

Right – got it – clarification. Professor…

Prof. Not

I need some more details before I begin my assignment please. I really need to know the theme of the assignment…

Duh! Obvious! It's about techniques for good business - is it not?

Professor Not to you – and no, I think the question is 'Why is business the life-blood of the economy?' So just write something about that…

Yes… but how many words do you want… how would you like it presented – text, photos, graphs?

Prof. Not
Yes Mary, all that kind of stuff. And hmmm, I'm easy - shall we say 2,000 words? We can meet later if you need more help…

It's OK - just let me know how we should deliver it to you when it's finished.

Prof. Not
You can drop it round to my house if you like.

Oh really… what's your address?

Prof. Not
On second thoughts, just email it to me. My (email) address is on the board.

But how long have we got… I mean, when is the deadline for completing our assignment?

Prof. Not
Errr, how about midnight, two weeks tomorrow? Must dash, I've got a - errr…. a meeting.

Good work Mary. Hopefully you're much clearer about what's expected from you for your first assignment. You effortlessly managed to ask for some specific information by using these questions…

I need some more details before I begin my assignment please.

I really need to know the theme of the assignment.

How many words do you want?

How would you like it presented?

How should we deliver it to you when it's finished?

When is the deadline for completing our assignment?

You can practise these phrases, pick up a few more plus learn some top tips for studying in the UK on our website at

So now there's some real work to be done, who's going to get started first? I think we know who!

This assignment should be a cinch – you know, easy!

Time to head to the library then.

Really, already… I was wondering if you'd like to… err… go for a coffee, get to know each other… that kind of stuff?

OK that's a nice idea… Oh hello Professor… oh, hello Sharon…

Oh hello sweetheart.

Prof. Not
Sorry about rushing off. I meant to say, I'm doing a workshop on study skills in fifteen minutes… in the library… if you're interested?

Oh yes, I'll definitely be there. Are you coming, Daniel?

Yeah, suppose so. I don't like coffee anyway.

Strategies to help you get promoted at work - Personality Development and Interpersonal skills

source: Skillopedia - Skills for the real world 2016年2月29日

1. Start with self assessment -
2. Have a strong relationship with your seniors -
3. Ask for more responsibilities -
4. Acquire new knowledge and skills -
5. Prepare yourself for a no -

Talking About Your Favorite Actors

source: Twominute English    2013年3月15日
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0:06 In this lesson we will talk about our favorite actors.
0:15 Hey, Kim. How are you?
0:18 I’m good, Jack. What are you up to?
0:22 I've been asked to do a survey about the popularity of movie actors.
0:27 Oh, that’s interesting. Can I help you in any way?
0:31 Just tell me. Who’s your favorite actor and why do you like him?
0:37 Well, I love Leonardo DiCaprio. I am a huge fan
0:42 Why do you like him so much? His looks?
0:46 Yeah! But not only that. He’s very talented and versatile. I like his acting choices.
0:53 Alright. That was great. Thank you, Kim
1:03 Hey, Paula. What are you doing?
1:06 I’m watching a movie: “Speed.” Have you seen it?
1:11 Oh, Sandra! Of course I have
1:15 You sounded like a real fan.
1:18 Sandra’s my favorite actress. I love her movies.
1:22 What do you like so much about her?
1:24 I think she’s beautiful and smart. I even love her interviews.
1:29 Is that so?
1:32 Yup. All her answers show me how special she is.
1:37 I can see you adore her! Well...I just like her movies.
1:46 You know what, Jack? I watched “Inception” last night.
1:50 That’s a great movie. Did you like it?
1:54 I loved it. Leonardo is just awesome.
1:59 Yeah! He is, isn't he? I like him very much too.
2:05 I know. What is it about him that you like the most?
2:09 He is always so confident and spontaneous. I wanna be like him.
2:20 Hey, Paula. What are you doing?
2:22 I’m watching a movie.
2:24 Nice. Which movie?
2:27 “The Dark Knight Rises.”
2:30 Do you like Christian Bale? I just can’t stand him on screen.
2:35 Why is that? In my opinion he’s a good actor.
2:39 I don’t know. I think he is overrated.
2:42 I’m sorry but I disagree. I think he’s great.
2:46 C’mon. There are many actors who are better than him. Brad Pitt, Leonardo, Tom cruise. Bale just acts real bad.
2:55 Well, say what you want. I still like Bale.
2:58 Who’s your favorite actor and why do you like him?
3:04 I love Leonardo DiCaprio. I am a huge fan.
3:11 He’s very talented and versatile. I like his acting choices.
3:19 Sandra’s my favorite actress. I love her movies.
3:27 I think she’s beautiful and smart.
3:32 Leonardo is just awesome.
3:39 In my opinion he’s a good actor.
3:44 I’m sorry but I disagree. I think he’s great.