CNN 10 - February 14, 2018 | Political Instability Swirls in South Africa | CNN Student News

source: NEWS with Subtitles     2018年2月13日
Wednesday's show takes you to South Africa, Haiti, and the U.S. Our first report examines political instability surrounding calls for South Africa's president to step down. Our second is part of CNN's Freedom Project; it's aimed at shedding light on human trafficking in some of Haiti's orphanages. And our third shows you how dog-like robots are getting advanced enough to open doors.
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Relationship Vocabulary 3 - Cheating

source: Practice English with Paul      2015年6月22日
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00:25 to commit adultery
00:43 to be promiscuous
01:30 play around, fool around, sleep around
02:08 to be touchy-feely
02:53 to cheat on someone
03:18 to have a bit on the side
03:34 to have a love affair / to have a lover
03:55 to have a fling
04:23 to have a one night stand
04:48 to be unfaithful to someone

35 words that begin with the letter U

source: LearnAmericanEnglishOnline        2018年1月26日

Mindhunter Phrasal Verbs 3

source: MrSkypelessons     2018年1月10日
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How to use GET PASSIVE

source: Englishing      2018年1月14日
Get can be used in various ways: by itself (having a myriad of meanings), with adjectives, with particles (prepositions or adverbs), with ready and use in passive sentences. In this lesson Marc actually talks about get used in passive sentences. Besides reviewing all the other uses of GET, he will discuss the meaning of GET used in a passive way.
This lesson is intended for intermediate students who wish to improve their English grammar, and for those above levels who wish to clear up doubts about this topic.

Using Social Media to Learn English (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapc...

source: Interactive English      2017年9月5日
We highly recommend you use social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat) to get more exposure to the language.

Stop translating in your head & think directly in English

source: Speak English with Christina       2017年4月18日

Learn English in 90 minutes - The Best of 2017

source: Learn English with      2018年1月12日
With this video compilation you'll be able to catch up with the best lessons of 2017, and review English phrases to master the language!
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Independent and Dependent Clauses

source: Gerry English Expressions      2016年5月20日

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How to understand native English speakers: "Whaddya...?"

source: JamesESL English Lessons (engVid)       2018年1月17日
Why is it so hard to understand native English speakers? Because we use relaxed speech. Most English speakers will combine words, leave out letters, and even change letters! But you can understand by learning how and why these changes happen. And when you understand, your pronunciation and comprehension will improve. In this lesson, I'll explain some of the most common pronunciation changes that English speakers make, so that you can understand what native speakers are saying. Once you learn these changes, practice listening for them with native speakers, or with your favorite English shows or movies. Find some usages of relaxed speech in a show or movie and tell me in the comments what you found.

if, if only, wish, it's time + past tense for present or future situations that are unreal or impossible

source:Your English Web        2016年4月19日
In this English grammar lesson you will learn how we use the UNREAL PAST - past tenses used after WISH, IF ONLY, IF, WOULD RATHER, IT'S TIME... to talk about present or future situations that are unreal or impossible.
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Verb Patterns: The Grammar Gameshow Episode 7

source: BBC Learning English      2017年11月22日

American English Speaking Conversation with idioms: Top 10 Topics in Life - Sec 2

source: Helena Daily English     2017年4月24日
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