How To Talk About TIME in English

source: Learn English with BeGlobal     2015年12月22日
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English Phrases to ask for clarification

source: Learn English with Let's Talk    2015年12月19日
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1. Sorry - Use this phrase not just to apologize but to ask for clarification as well in informal situations
Example - Sorry, I didn't get that.
2. Come again - This is another way to ask for clarification in an informal situation. When you are on a call or talking to someone in person and fail to understand what the other person just said, you can use the phrase come again
Example - This place is so filthy! Come again
3. I beg your pardon - This phrase is commonly used in a formal situation
Example - I beg your pardon ,I didn't quite hear you.
4. Could you say that again, please - When you want someone to repeat what has just been said you ask Could you say that again adding the key word please to display politeness.
Example - I am sorry, having a bad connection could you say that again, please.
5. I didn't quite catch that, could you repeat it - WHen you did't get what has already been said you can use this phrase informally
Example - I didn't quite catch what she just said could you please repeat that?
6. Could you illustrate - When you want things to be explained well you can use this expression.
Example - We are working on this project but I didn't get what your expectations are on this so could you please illustrate.
7. Could you give an example - Certain things can be only understood with the help of examples. so rather than being confused or interpreting in a wrong way it better to get it clarified. Therefore, this phrase can be used for asking something to be explained with examples.
Example - I would love to serve my free time for these poor children but I didn't understand the activities to be done, so could you please give me a few examples to understand it better.

Just Friends 美语怎么说(35)

source: 美国之音中文网      2013年5月10日
1. Have an instant connection 一见如故,瞬间来电;
2. PDA -- Public display of affection 在公开场合亲昵的行为;
3. On someone's case 抱怨/唠叨某人;
4. Get out of here. 不会吧,太不可思议了!;
5. Touchy-feely 感情过于外露,喜欢肢体接触,一般带有贬义 脸书:

I Adore Her! OMG!美语

source: 美国之音中文网     2015年11月18日
今天我们一起来看看@我是冰卿啊 提的话题:怎么表达对一个人的崇拜

I saw Taylor Swift in concert last night!

我昨晚在演唱会看到Taylor Swift了!
OMG! I adore her. She is such an amazing songwriter.
I worship the ground she walks on. 我超级崇拜她
Swiftie 霉粉
I agree! I totally worship the ground she walks on. I'm definitely a Swiftie.
Yaaas miss! 加油!
There's a new saying: "Yaaaas miss!" which is an encouraging phrase when you see someone doing something great. Every time I see a new picture of Taylor Swift online in an adorable outfit I say "Yaaas miss!"
有一种新的说法:Yaaas miss! 如果你看到有人做很赞的事就可以这么说。每次我看到网上Taylor Swift穿很好看的衣服,我就会说“Yaaas miss!”
好!……Who do you adore?
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