CNN 10 | November 3, 2017 with English Subtitles

source: Learn English Online    2017年11月2日
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News Review: Human health affected by climate change

source: BBC Learning English   2017年10月31日
The story
A new report on climate change has concluded that rising temperatures are seriously harming human health.
The report from a group of universities and UN agencies says that more people are being affected by heatwaves, a poor diet and the spread of disease.

taking a toll: causing harm or damage over time
swelter: feel uncomfortably hot
flee: escape quickly from a dangerous place
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What does AT ALL mean in English? | Learn English words

source: Crown Academy of English    2017年10月3日
"at all" is most commonly used in questions and negative sentences.
"at all" gives emphasis and makes the meaning of the sentence stronger.
"at all" means "even a little", "in any way" or "even slightly".
Example: "Do you love me at all?"

Position in a sentence of "at all" with adjectives.
We have 2 choices:
1) We put "at all" before the adjective: Are you at all tired?
2) We put "at all" after the adjective: Are you tired at all ?

"at all" in conditionals makes the condition stronger.
Example: "If you loved me at all, you would help me."
We can use "at all" in certain affirmative sentences that express free choice. These sentences often contain "any words" (anywhere, anybody, anything, anytime)
Example: "Where do you want to go? I'll take you anywhere at all." - This means that I'll take wherever. It doesn't matter where - I'll take you there. "at all" really emphasises the fact that it doesn't matter where.

"not at all" is an expression that we use as a very polite reply when someone thanks us.
It is a very formal expression and it's more common in British English. It's rarely used in American English. Example:
Waiter: Here's your drink, sir.
Customer: Thank you.
Waiter: Not at all.

There are many more examples in the video with a very detailed explanation. I advise you to watch it and take notes.
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Prepositions of PLACE � IN / ON / AT / BY

source: mmmEnglish    2017年10月2日
English prepositions: These tiny words are so important! But they can be a little confusing at times too, right?
In this video, Emma explains how to use them when giving information about PLACE.
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Learn 14 GO Expressions in English

source: Learn English with Emma [engVid]    2017年10月16日
How's it going? What's going on? There we go! What do these expressions have in common? They all have the word "go" in them. These expressions are especially useful for conversation. Sometimes we can use "go" to indicate changes, like with "go grey" and "go mad". In many other cases we use "go" in set expressions such as "go for it" and "here we go again!". In this video, you'll learn the following expressions: "How's it going", "how you going", "what's going on", "it's going well", "something is going on", "go crazy", "go bald", "there you go", "there we go", "here you go", "here we go again", "go for it", "way to go", and "go out of your way". Who knew there were so many "go" expressions in English? Try my quiz at to practice these important expressions. and improve your English speaking.

Halloween history with subtitles

source: Helena Daily English    2017年10月22日
Hallowe'en is a popular festival in many countries all over the world, and every year it seems to get bigger. It's getting dark earlier and it's starting to get cold. Christmas is still a long way away. We need something to cheer us up and take our minds off the fact that winter is nearly here. Find out some more about the traditional festival of Hallowe'en
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The History of halloween Costumes witch, Pumpkin, tradition: English listening practice - Topic 5

source: Helena Daily English     2016年6月18日
The history of halloween Costumes witch, Original Name, Pumpkin, tradition. English Listening Practice with subtitle topic 5: Halloween. Everyday Helena daily english channel will provide to you the topics relate to social life. Practice listening english everyday through real topics in life is a good way to improve english listening and reading skill. Let's listening and find out the topic Halloween.
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Before you read / listen
Match the words and phrases in the table to their definitions.

1. nocturnal
2. pagan
3. to cheer someone up
4. pumpkin
5. festival 6. folklore

a. to make a sad person happy
b. a special day or period when people celebrate something
c. relating to ancient religions that worshipped many gods
d. the traditional stories and culture of a group of people
e. a large round vegetable with hard yellow or orange flesh
f. active at night
Comprehension Task

True or false
Read the statements and decide if they are true or false.
1. Lots of people like Hallowe'en.
2. The Celts celebrated Samhain at the end of autumn.
3. The Christian Church took over the older pagan festivals.
4. Only poor people play 'Trick or Treat'.
5. Witches are a modern invention.
6. Jack O'Lantern was another name for the devil.
7. Animals that are active at night are popular symbols of Hallowe'en.

short e & long e sounds

source: LearnAmericanEnglishOnline    2017年10月25日
An English teacher shows the differences in spelling and sound between the short e and the long e sound.

Days of The Week | Vocabulary-Based Conversation

source: Mark Kulek     2017年10月1日
Language in use:
What day is it? It's Sunday.
What day is it? It's Monday.
What day is it? It's Tuesday.
What day is it? It's Wednesday.
What day is it? It's Thursday.
What day is it? It's Friday.
What day is it? It's Saturday.
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BBC 6 Minute English - What can't computers do?

source: Chau Pham 2017年9月28日

artificial intelligence or AI: the ability of machines to copy human intelligent behaour.
an algorithm: a set of steps a computer follows in order to solve a problem
limitations: a limit on what it can do or how good it can be
take something for granted: when we don’t realise how important something is
to implement: to perform a task, or take action
cutting edge: new and advanced

Let's Learn English Level 2 Lesson 4: Run Away With the Circus!

source: VOA Learning English    2017年9月22日
Anna and Pete visit a circus and talk about circus arts. Are the performers artists or athletes? See the whole lesson at:
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Most Common MISTAKES in English & How to Avoid Them

source: Learn English Lab    2017年10月13日
Find out if you make the 50 MOST COMMON MISTAKES in English, and learn how to avoid them. See all GRAMMAR LESSONS here:
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source: Official IELTS Listening test      2017年8月2日
IELTS ACADEMIC band 9 material.
Speaking is in three parts. The examiner wants to know what is your level of English. The questions are already set. Your response is recorded. Your score depends upon how clearly the examiner can understand you.


source: Official IELTS Listening test      2017年8月1日
IELTS ACADEMIC band 9 material.
Speaking is in three parts. The examiner wants to know what is your level of English. The questions are already set. Your response is recorded. Your score depends upon how clearly the examiner can understand you.