What does AT ALL mean in English? | Learn English words

source: Crown Academy of English    2017年10月3日
"at all" is most commonly used in questions and negative sentences.
"at all" gives emphasis and makes the meaning of the sentence stronger.
"at all" means "even a little", "in any way" or "even slightly".
Example: "Do you love me at all?"

Position in a sentence of "at all" with adjectives.
We have 2 choices:
1) We put "at all" before the adjective: Are you at all tired?
2) We put "at all" after the adjective: Are you tired at all ?

"at all" in conditionals makes the condition stronger.
Example: "If you loved me at all, you would help me."
We can use "at all" in certain affirmative sentences that express free choice. These sentences often contain "any words" (anywhere, anybody, anything, anytime)
Example: "Where do you want to go? I'll take you anywhere at all." - This means that I'll take wherever. It doesn't matter where - I'll take you there. "at all" really emphasises the fact that it doesn't matter where.

"not at all" is an expression that we use as a very polite reply when someone thanks us.
It is a very formal expression and it's more common in British English. It's rarely used in American English. Example:
Waiter: Here's your drink, sir.
Customer: Thank you.
Waiter: Not at all.

There are many more examples in the video with a very detailed explanation. I advise you to watch it and take notes.
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