English Suffixes -Y -ISH -ESQUE

source: Learn English with Papa Teach Me    2017年8月24日
Learn to use the suffixes -y, -ish, and -esque to improve your vocabulary and English communication!
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Subject-Verb Agreement

source: mmmEnglish      2017年10月16日
SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT is one of the most common mistakes that English learners make! It's so easy to forget that the verb form in English sentences changes, depending on the subject!
- I AM hungry...
- She IS thirsty...
- They ARE fighting...
- We HAVE been travelling
- It HAS been so long.
- She DOESN'T know...
- You DON'T know...
- They LIKE to travel.
- She LIKES to travel.
I will also explain how these rules work in more complicated sentences. For example: sentences where the subject is a noun phrase, or where the subject and the verb are separated by a relative clause.
Read the full transcript: https://www.mmmenglish.com/2017/10/16...
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Advanced Phrasal Verbs 8

source: MrSkypelessons     2017年10月26日
Here is the eighth lesson in my Advanced Phrasal Verbs series. Please answer the following questions to activate the new vocabulary:

1) Who would you like to whisk away for a few weeks, and where would you head to?
2)  What kind of things did you live on as a student?
3)  What time does the sun come out where you live?
4) What kind of things make your face cloud over?
5) Describe the weather in your area. Use the phrasal verbs form the lesson.
6) If you were hunting a rabbit, how would you flush it out of the hole?
7) Which building would you reduce to ashes if you had the chance?
8) Is your town steeped in history? What is the town centre dotted with? Are any new buildings sprouting up?
9) Have you ever been knocked over or witnessed this? What happened?
10) Have you ever been blocked in? How did you get out?


source: Crown Academy of English    2017年10月31日
"especially" and "specially" are both adverbs.

We use "especially" to describe one person, thing, or situation that is above all the others.
The meaning is similar to "in particular"
Example: I like all of my friends, especially Mark.

"specially" on the other hand describes the specific (particular) purpose of something.
Example: The bag was specially designed for my computer.

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CNN 10 | December 01, 2017 - English Subtitles

source: Learn English - English Conversation    2017年12月1日
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News Review: A royal romance

source: BBC Learning English      2017年11月28日
The story:
Prince Harry and his girlfriend, the American actress Meghan Markle, have announced their engagement. They're to marry next spring.
Buckingham Palace said the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were delighted for the couple, and wish them every happiness.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge said it had been wonderful getting to know Meghan, while the Prince of Wales said he was thrilled.
The couple, who met through mutual friends, have been together for 16 months.

Key words and phrases: 
smitten: in love
dysfunctional: not working properly
(as) thick as thieves: very close and private
Learn more here http://www.bbc.co.uk/learningenglish/...

Advanced Listening Practice with Subtitles: Lesson 10 (University)

source: Helena Daily English    2017年4月5日
♥ Source: http://englishshareworld.com/
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A university is an institution of higher (or tertiary) education and research which grants academic degrees in various academic disciplines. Universities typically provide undergraduate education and postgraduate education.
The word "university" is derived from the Latin universitas magistrorum et scholarium, which roughly means "community of teachers and scholars." Universities were created in Italy and evolved from Cathedral schools for the clergy during the High Middle Ages... (Wiki)

4001 Common Words in Speaking & Listening - Part 20

source: Helena Daily English    2017年8月18日
Lesson 40
citizen, council, declare, enormous, extraordinary, fog, funeral, giant, impression, income, mad, ought, resist, reveal, rid, sword, tale, trap, trial, violent
Lesson 41:
admission, astronomy, blame, chemistry, despite, dinosaur, exhibit, fame, forecast, genius, gentle, geography, interfere, lightly, principal, row, shelf, spite, super, wet

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English @ the Movies: 'It's Shady'

source: VOA Learning English    2017年7月7日
Our saying at English @ the Movies today is "it's shady." It is from the film "Imperfections." An unemployed actress is working in a jewelry store and someone offers her a deal to make some serious money. Originally published at - https://learningenglish.voanews.com/a...

# shady (adj.)
1) sheltered from direct light from the sun: We sat on the shady grass for our picnic.
2) (informal) dishonest or illegal: They know some very shady characters.
He was involved in shady deals in the past.
(source: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/shady)

English @ the Movies: 'Sounds Screwy'

source: VOA Learning English    2016年8月13日
The movie "Hail Caesar!" is funny one about Hollywood in the 1950s. Trouble stars when a movie star disappears. Our English @ the Movies phrase we are talking about is "sounds screwy." Originally published at - http://learningenglish.voanews.com/a/...

# screwy:  (source: https://www.thefreedictionary.com/screwy)
1. Eccentric or crazy.
2. Ludicrously odd, unlikely, or inappropriate.

Got to Know - a Common Phrasal Verb in American English

source: Go Natural English    2015年7月30日
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Opposites and Adjectives | Set 2

source: Mark Kulek    2017年10月29日
Language in use:
She is in a hurry.
She is taking her time.
He is scared.
He is brave.
Sam was bored.
Now he is busy.
He has started.
He has finished.
She is working.
They are on vacation.
Bill is sick.
Steve is well.
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HAVE BEEN / HAS BEEN / HAD BEEN - How to Use These Forms Correctly (with...

source: Learn English Lab    2017年10月20日
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