Advanced Phrasal Verbs 8

source: MrSkypelessons     2017年10月26日
Here is the eighth lesson in my Advanced Phrasal Verbs series. Please answer the following questions to activate the new vocabulary:

1) Who would you like to whisk away for a few weeks, and where would you head to?
2)  What kind of things did you live on as a student?
3)  What time does the sun come out where you live?
4) What kind of things make your face cloud over?
5) Describe the weather in your area. Use the phrasal verbs form the lesson.
6) If you were hunting a rabbit, how would you flush it out of the hole?
7) Which building would you reduce to ashes if you had the chance?
8) Is your town steeped in history? What is the town centre dotted with? Are any new buildings sprouting up?
9) Have you ever been knocked over or witnessed this? What happened?
10) Have you ever been blocked in? How did you get out?