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source: Thanh Do    2016年5月24日

English Expressions with 'HAVE'

source: English Lessons with Alex     2016年5月16日
"Have" is one of the most common verbs in the English language. It can be used to express so much more than just possession. In this essential English lesson, I look at many expressions that use the verb "have", such as "have dinner", "have a drink", "have a problem", "have a baby", "have a great time", and more. We will also look at how to conjugate the verb in each of these expressions. For example, would you say, "I have coffee" or, "I am having coffee"? Both of these are correct in different scenarios. Watch the lesson to learn more!

8 Expressions using BITE in English

source: Learn English with Gill (engVid)    2016年5月20日
An idiom is an expression whose meaning is not predictable from the meaning of the words it contains. For example, "It's a biting wind today" does not mean that the wind is going around chewing on people! In this lesson, I will introduce you to eight common idioms that use the word "bite". There are just eight examples in this lesson, as I didn't want you to bite off more than you could chew! So go ahead, bite the bullet: watch the video, and take the quiz at

Re: Business English Vocabulary Lessons for Project Management

source: Business English Pod     2008年9月26日
This is the speaking PRACTICE for VV 07 Project Management. Watch the video and see how many words you can remember. You can also visit to download the complete video.

Accounting: GAAP (Business English Vocabulary Lesson for ESL)

source: Business English Pod    2009年1月25日
Visit to download this video and others covering more business ESL vocabulary.

The Health Report: Rich Americans Will Live Up to 15 Years Longer

source: VOA Learning English 2016年5月3日
A rich 40-year-old man in the United States can expect to live until about 87. A poor 40-year-old man might only live until 73. The difference in length of life as it relates to income is part of a new study.
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English in a Minute: Go With The Flow

source: VOA Learning English    2014年10月14日
What could this phrase mean? Watch this program and find out the meaning of this idiom in American English.
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Are You Busy? (Let's Learn English Lesson 8)

source: VOA Learning English     2016年4月20日
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At the airport - Speaking English at the airport. Common words and phrases

source: Twominute English    2012年11月21日
Have you been to an international airport? In this lesson we will learn some of the things that you might need to say when you go to an airport and need to talk in English. Don't forget to pause and repeat and practice with the section at the end.
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IELTS Speaking Task 1 - How to get a high score

source: Learn English with Emma  2013年5月17日 Do you need to take the IELTS? I will teach you everything you need to get a higher score in Task 1 of the Speaking section of the exam! A lot of people have to take the IELTS exam when they immigrate or study overseas. Even if your English is good, you could get a low score in the Speaking section if you are not prepared. If you are taking this test, this video will help you. I'll tell you what to expect and give you a lot of tips and strategies to do well! To test your understanding of the video, take the quiz at and for more IELTS tips, strategies, secrets, and sample questions and answers, go to Good Luck IELTS: