CNN Student News March 14, 2016 with English subtitles

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March 14 2016 CNN Student News with subtitles, closed caption (You can click it on by yourself)

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CNN Student News with subtitles.

CNN Student News - March 10, 2016 with English Subtitles

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CNN Student News with subtitles.

CNN Student News March 11, 2016 with English subtitles

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CNN Student News with closed caption. (You can click it on by yourself.)
Vocabulary Quiz for EFL Students N° 00037
Canada's leader formally visits the White House, we travel inside a Japanese ghost town with a former resident, and scientists grow crops in Mars-like soil.

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CNN Student News with subtitles.

IELTS & TOEFL Listening Practice: Academic Vocabulary

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Want to improve your listening skills? In this lesson you'll practice your listening in English by hearing stories about university life. This video is especially important if you are studying in an English university, if you plan to, or if you are going to take an English test like IELTS or TOEFL. You will hear conversational English with university and academic vocabulary, including common slang and expressions that native English speakers use. Then take the quiz here:

English phrases to say something is super expensive

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1. That's a bit steep - This phrase suggests that something is little more expensive.
example - This dress is a bit steep.

2. That's a bit pricey - This phrase can be used similarly, to talk about things which are a little high priced.
example - This house is a bit pricey for this neighborhood.

3. Cost an arm and leg - Something which is very expensive.
example - My new Mercedes car has cost me an arm and leg.

4. To pay through the nose - To pay an excessive amount for something
example - These days one has to pay through nose to eat out in a fancy restaurant.

5. Exorbitant - Unreasonably high
example - Some hotels charge exorbitant rates for phone calls.

6. Daylight robbery - The phrase suggests to talk about overcharged or over priced things.
example - $10 for a glass of juice is daylight robbery.

7. Break the bank - Something that is expensive and cost all the money you have in your bank account.
example - I would love to go to Switzerland but a trip right now would definitely break the bank.

8. Pay top dollar- to pay a lot of money for something.
Example - I had to pay top dollar for this Louis Vuitton bag.

Learn English with 5 Jokes

source: English Lessons with Alex  2013年4月22日 Do you want to be the life of the party? Do you like clever word jokes? This is the lesson for you! Learn to understand five easy jokes that use double meanings to be funny. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll learn. Watch the lesson, then take the quiz:

The Viking (Learn English via Listening Level 3 - Lesson 6)

source: Daily English Conversation    2016年2月23日

Vocabulary - sometimes, sometime, some time, always, all ways

source: English Lessons with Adam    2012年11月14日 Sometimes, some time is all you need to figure out a language problem. But sometime in the future, or maybe it's already happened to you sometime in the past, you won't have that time. So here's a little help with words that sound and look almost the same, but are really different. Take the quiz some time here:

English Conversation 27

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