English phrases to say something is super expensive

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1. That's a bit steep - This phrase suggests that something is little more expensive.
example - This dress is a bit steep.

2. That's a bit pricey - This phrase can be used similarly, to talk about things which are a little high priced.
example - This house is a bit pricey for this neighborhood.

3. Cost an arm and leg - Something which is very expensive.
example - My new Mercedes car has cost me an arm and leg.

4. To pay through the nose - To pay an excessive amount for something
example - These days one has to pay through nose to eat out in a fancy restaurant.

5. Exorbitant - Unreasonably high
example - Some hotels charge exorbitant rates for phone calls.

6. Daylight robbery - The phrase suggests to talk about overcharged or over priced things.
example - $10 for a glass of juice is daylight robbery.

7. Break the bank - Something that is expensive and cost all the money you have in your bank account.
example - I would love to go to Switzerland but a trip right now would definitely break the bank.

8. Pay top dollar- to pay a lot of money for something.
Example - I had to pay top dollar for this Louis Vuitton bag.