At the airport: How to go through US customs

source:  Learn English with Adam      2014年12月4日

# Do:
--Have all forms completed properly.
--Relax and answer questions quickly, as short as possible.
# Questions: 
--What is your final destination?
--How long will you be staying in the U.S.?
--What is the purpose of your visit?
--Where will you be staying?
--How much currency are you carrying (with you)?
--Who packed your bags?
--Do you have anything to declare?
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10 Common Driving Expressions

source: Learn English with Emma      2014年5月27日

--"Brake" or "Hit the brakes". (Because there's more than one brake in a car.)
--"Run a red light." (I ran a red light. I didn't hit the brakes.)
--"Cut someone off." (We cannot say: "I cut off someone." We can also use it in a conversation. An example: "I'm sorry, I have to cut you off." Meaning: "I have to interrupt.")
--"That man tailgated me." "I was tailgated by that man."
--"Pulled over." (Maybe a police officer stops you, and you pull your car to the side of the road. Maybe you hear an ambulance - you might pull over, meaning you might go to the side and stop the car. I hope you do that.)
--"Pull out of"means you're going backwards or forwards out of a small space. Usually, it's a parking lot or a driveway. So usually you park your car in your driveway, and you go forward, you look, make sure no other cars are coming - you pull out of your driveway, you pull out of the parking lot.
--speed (up)
--make a u-turn