News Words: Reconciliation

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English in a Minute: Sing a Different Tune

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"Happy New Year!" Bar & Club Vocabulary & Slang

source: English Teacher Jon    2010年12月30日 A story about New Year's Eve, full of slang, vocabulary, and expressions related to drinking, partying, clubs, bars, and other typical North American New Year's Eve activities. After you've watched the class, take the free quiz at to test your understanding:

SAT Vocabulary List #27

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Please take Cornell notes on these words and write down any examples that will help you to remember their meaning. Remember, your can pause this recording at any time if it is going too fast.

Pronunciation - N, KN

source: EnglishLessons4U    2013年6月21日 The N sound may be a little difficult to say! After this pronunciation lesson, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO DO IT! Learn how to say words that begin with N and KN!

James's 100th Birthday Party!!!

source: JamesESL English Lessons (engVid)     2012年11月19日 If you want to have fun while learning some advanced English vocabulary, hear a bad English accent, help celebrate my 100th lesson, and are curious about the origin of Mr. E... watch this video NOW!

Accent Training lesson 09 : /ai/ as in CRY

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Accent Training lesson 09 : /ai/ as in CRY
Lips: Your lips are open and not rounded, they close a bit when moving to the /ɪ/ position.
Tongue: Your tongue is relaxed and moves from flat to high position.
Common Spelling Patterns for /aɪ/
y cry, shy, apply
i dice, kind, sign
igh might, fight, sight, light
ie lie, tie

Word Pairs for Practice
1. lime pies
2. white wine
3. fly a kite
4. sign on the line
5. fight till you die

Practice Sentences
1. Why is the price so high?
2. We had white wine.
3. He was tired of the same lie..

What's In The Paper - Beginner English Lessons

source: Twominute English    2014年3月6日
There're a lot of things that we read in the newspapers every day. Some things attract our attention so much that we can't resist discussing them with other people. Let's take a look at some sample conversations that you can use to discuss the things you read in the newspaper today.
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0:12 Hi there! A lot of us start our day by reading the newspaper.
0:16 We learn some new things from the newspaper, and we get to know what’s going on in our area and around the world.
0:22 Sometimes we’d like to discuss what we read with our friends and family.
0:26 Today’s lesson will show you how conversations could go when discussing various things that we read in the newspaper.
0:32 Practice the lesson by pausing it and repeating the lines anywhere you want!
0:36 It will help to build up your English fluency.
0:39 Check out the vocabulary section at the end to increase your vocabulary.
0:44 Let’s begin!
0:51 What are you cooking? It smells delicious!
0:54 I’m making Mango Delight. I found the recipe in the paper today!
0:58 When did you start reading newspapers?
1:01 Since I found out that we can find a lot of other things in the newspaper other than politics and sports.
1:07 So now I know who took the lifestyle section!
1:16 Andy Murray was too good in his game last night.
1:19 That’s right! He’s all over the news today for his first major victory.
1:23 Did you see today’s papers? The Times has published a whole one-page article on his life and his struggle to get to the top.
1:32 I read that, but I guess you missed the article on Murray and Djokovic’s rivalry. They’ve nailed it.
1:38 Oh, no! I haven’t read that. Do you have today’s paper?
1:42 Not here. But, let’s go to my cubicle, I have it in my bag.
1:52 Have you seen today’s lifestyle section?
1:54 Yes. I took it in the morning. They have some really nice articles today.
1:59 Well, I want to read it.
2:00 You’ll get it after I’m finished!
2:03 Haley, you have all day long to read the papers. I just need to have a quick look.
2:08 Marvin, I am reading a really nice article on Caribbean holidays in the paper.
2:13 I’ll let you have it when I am done, Ok?
2:15 Gosh! Don’t be so annoying about it! I don’t see you reading it right now!
2:26 Hey! Have you read the headlines of today’s Mail Day?
2:29 No. Is there anything interesting?
2:31 Mail Day is organizing a job fair and I thought you might be interested in that!
2:36 I sure am! Have you got the newspaper with you?
2:38 Yes. It’s in my car. You can get it from me after class.
2:41 Thanks buddy!
2:51 The steps you should follow to prepare a dish. It also lists all the ingredients that you'll need for that recipe.
2:58 You might need a recipe to prepare a dish that you don’t make very often.
3:06 Nailed it is slang for doing something right and successfully.
3:09 If you passed your exam with a high score, you can say “I nailed it.”
3:18 A space at work provided for your use. A cubicle is different from an office because the cubicle’s walls don’t go to the ceiling.
3:25 Your cubicle may feel like it’s all yours, but it’s open and other people can see and hear what's going on in it.
3:35 A headline comes at the top of an article and tells you what the article is about.
3:40 There's a headline for every article, no matter how short.
3:44 You might want to look at only the headlines to get an idea which articles you want to read completely.
3:53 An organized event where employers and employees from many different businesses meet in one place.
4:00 The employers conduct interviews and recruit new employees, and you might be there to look for a new job.
4:08 Thank you for watching this lesson. We'll be back with a new one tomorrow.
4:11 Do come back and watch it!
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4:19 Remember to leave your comments below, it helps you intereact with other learners and us.
4:25 Catch you later!

Prepositions: Difference between IN and ON

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Are you confused by the English prepositions IN and ON? This video lesson explains the difference! Visit for more English tips, English e-books, and English courses.

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English Grammar - ALREADY & YET

source: English Lessons with Alex    2009年7月21日 The lesson will help you understand when to use "already," and when to use "yet."

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