What's In The Paper - Beginner English Lessons

source: Twominute English    2014年3月6日
There're a lot of things that we read in the newspapers every day. Some things attract our attention so much that we can't resist discussing them with other people. Let's take a look at some sample conversations that you can use to discuss the things you read in the newspaper today.
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0:12 Hi there! A lot of us start our day by reading the newspaper.
0:16 We learn some new things from the newspaper, and we get to know what’s going on in our area and around the world.
0:22 Sometimes we’d like to discuss what we read with our friends and family.
0:26 Today’s lesson will show you how conversations could go when discussing various things that we read in the newspaper.
0:32 Practice the lesson by pausing it and repeating the lines anywhere you want!
0:36 It will help to build up your English fluency.
0:39 Check out the vocabulary section at the end to increase your vocabulary.
0:44 Let’s begin!
0:51 What are you cooking? It smells delicious!
0:54 I’m making Mango Delight. I found the recipe in the paper today!
0:58 When did you start reading newspapers?
1:01 Since I found out that we can find a lot of other things in the newspaper other than politics and sports.
1:07 So now I know who took the lifestyle section!
1:16 Andy Murray was too good in his game last night.
1:19 That’s right! He’s all over the news today for his first major victory.
1:23 Did you see today’s papers? The Times has published a whole one-page article on his life and his struggle to get to the top.
1:32 I read that, but I guess you missed the article on Murray and Djokovic’s rivalry. They’ve nailed it.
1:38 Oh, no! I haven’t read that. Do you have today’s paper?
1:42 Not here. But, let’s go to my cubicle, I have it in my bag.
1:52 Have you seen today’s lifestyle section?
1:54 Yes. I took it in the morning. They have some really nice articles today.
1:59 Well, I want to read it.
2:00 You’ll get it after I’m finished!
2:03 Haley, you have all day long to read the papers. I just need to have a quick look.
2:08 Marvin, I am reading a really nice article on Caribbean holidays in the paper.
2:13 I’ll let you have it when I am done, Ok?
2:15 Gosh! Don’t be so annoying about it! I don’t see you reading it right now!
2:26 Hey! Have you read the headlines of today’s Mail Day?
2:29 No. Is there anything interesting?
2:31 Mail Day is organizing a job fair and I thought you might be interested in that!
2:36 I sure am! Have you got the newspaper with you?
2:38 Yes. It’s in my car. You can get it from me after class.
2:41 Thanks buddy!
2:51 The steps you should follow to prepare a dish. It also lists all the ingredients that you'll need for that recipe.
2:58 You might need a recipe to prepare a dish that you don’t make very often.
3:06 Nailed it is slang for doing something right and successfully.
3:09 If you passed your exam with a high score, you can say “I nailed it.”
3:18 A space at work provided for your use. A cubicle is different from an office because the cubicle’s walls don’t go to the ceiling.
3:25 Your cubicle may feel like it’s all yours, but it’s open and other people can see and hear what's going on in it.
3:35 A headline comes at the top of an article and tells you what the article is about.
3:40 There's a headline for every article, no matter how short.
3:44 You might want to look at only the headlines to get an idea which articles you want to read completely.
3:53 An organized event where employers and employees from many different businesses meet in one place.
4:00 The employers conduct interviews and recruit new employees, and you might be there to look for a new job.
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