Accent Training lesson 09 : /ai/ as in CRY

source: Learn English with Let's Talk    2013年4月19日
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Accent Training lesson 09 : /ai/ as in CRY
Lips: Your lips are open and not rounded, they close a bit when moving to the /ɪ/ position.
Tongue: Your tongue is relaxed and moves from flat to high position.
Common Spelling Patterns for /aɪ/
y cry, shy, apply
i dice, kind, sign
igh might, fight, sight, light
ie lie, tie

Word Pairs for Practice
1. lime pies
2. white wine
3. fly a kite
4. sign on the line
5. fight till you die

Practice Sentences
1. Why is the price so high?
2. We had white wine.
3. He was tired of the same lie..