Phrasal verbs to describe your day - English Grammar Lesson

source: Learn English with Let's Talk 2016年3月4日
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The following phrasal verbs can be used to describe your day:
Perk up - to wake up or become alert
Ex: I always start my day with a strong cup of coffee at 6am which helps me to perk up.
Look through - To scan or go over
Ex : I look through the newspaper headlines and then get ready
Dash off - Rush to some place
Ex : I dash off to work at eight am sharp.
Come up with - To work on or prepare
Ex : I came up with a quick presentation for the upcoming meeting
Heat up - To warm up
Ex : I heat up my lunch at 1 pm during lunch break.
Flesh out - To ideate and describe in detail
Ex: I flesh out ideas for a new project after lunch break.
Wrap up - Meaning :To wind up or finish
Ex: I wind up work by about five pm and head home .
Stock up - To buy in bulk or large quantity
Ex : I stock up on groceries for the week on my way home.
Warm up - To stretch and prepare the body for work out
Ex: I do a light warm up and then go for a short jog in the evening.
Meet up - To meet with or catch up
Ex : I meet up with a few friends after dinner.
Doze off - To go to sleep
Ex: At night I read a bit and doze off.

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