5 Forgotten funny idioms in English

source: Learn English with Let's Talk   2016年2月28日
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1. When pigs fly: This idiom is used when you want to say ‘something will never happen’.

2. Cats got your tongue: This idiom is used for someone who is oddly suspicious and keeps silent. If somebody is silent and does not answer your question, it means cats got his tongue.

3. Bob’s your uncle: This idiom means that everything is alright or there you go. It is commonly used in Britain. So if you want to say ‘there you go’ or ‘finally your project is ready’ you can use the idiom ‘Bob is your uncle’.

4. Van Gogh: Now, Van Gogh was a deaf artist. So if someone uses this idiom for you, do not get happy. They are actually being very sarcastic. SO, if someone tells you, “You’ve got Van Gogh’s ear for music”, do not take it as a compliment. They mean that you have a poor taste for music.

5. Pardon my French: When you use swear words and make an apology, this idiom is an informal way of doing so. So you can always follow a swear word by saying ‘Please pardon my French.”