Interesting Words to describe facial expressions

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2016年4月8日
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Doleful - Sad / Morose
My heart went out to the children on the street and their doleful faces.

Glaring - Staring in an annoyed fashion
The teacher glared at the students for misbehaving in class.

Ecstatic - Very joyful/ Extremely joyful
Jack was ecstatic when he landed his dream job.

Exasperated - Irritated, frustrated
Certain colleagues at work leave me feeling exasperated because of their rude behaviour.

Grinning - Smiling naughtily
The child grinned from ear to ear after completing his mischief.

Annoyed - Angry
The boss looked annoyed with Sally for being lax at work

Fierce - Very angry / aggressive
Jenny was fierce with anger when she heard that her Tom had been stealing at school.

Mocking - Taunting or sarcastic
The stock market seems to be mocking at the investors now a days with its constant ups and downs.