The Phrasal Verb Chip In

source: Twominute English    2014年3月25日
"Chip in" means contributing to some cause, whether it's in the form of money, or contributing to a discussion, or working on a project. It comes from poker and other games, where chips are used to represent money. For example, "I'll chip in another hundred but that's my limit."
"Chip in" is used as a verb but has more than one word. If you know its meaning and know how to use it and how to recognize similar verbs, you'll do well.
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0:12 Hey, good to see you here! How’s it going?
0:15 ‘Chip in’ is a phrase which means you are contributing to something.
0:19 Whenever you get together with friends to do something, or even just to talk, each of you will chip in, right?
0:25 Let’s get started!
0:33 The phrase “chip in” can be used in different situations.
0:37 But in general it means contributing to something.
0:40 For example - everybody chipped in to pay the bill.
0:44 Yes, right. The sentence you used means contributing some money.
0:49 But, as you know, it can also mean contributing to some discussion.
0:53 Why don’t you give us an example, Nadia?
0:57 Okay. For example - “If I could chip in, there are a couple of issues I'd like to raise.”
1:03 Yes. That’s right. You know how to use it. Do you know any other ways chip in is used?
1:11 Yes. It could also mean interrupting a conversation. Like for example -
1:15 “Some senior Army officers chipped in while we were talking, to say it was safe and there was no danger.”
1:23 Oh really. I never knew that. Thanks a lot
1:27 I know the other day Kim chipped in to make a point while we were discussing something important.
1:32 Wow. You used the phrase correctly. Good job.
1:42 Hey Jones. What’s up?
1:44 Nothing much man. Remember tomorrow is Ginny’s birthday?
1:47 Yeah man. I remember.
1:49 We're going to buy birthday cake and some gifts for her and I'm collecting the money.
1:53 Do you want to chip in?
1:54 Yeah sure. I’ll chip in 10 bucks.
1:57 Thanks, man. Everyone likes Ginny, so everyone is chipping in for her birthday.
2:01 Great! It’ll be a good party!
2:10 Hey guys. What’s up?
2:11 Hey Mica. Eric and I were just discussing environmental issues.
2:15 Can I chip in?
2:17 Sure, you probably have something useful to say.
2:19 So what environmental issues were you guys discussing?
2:24 We were discussing that plastic bags are still being used all across the country.
2:28 Some cities don’t allow them, but in most places the government doesn’t do anything about it.
2:34 Yeah, that’s true.
2:35 I think the government should chip in and solve this problem because it’s damaging the environment.
2:47 Hey, what’s up man?
2:48 Nothing much. Come and join us for cards?
2:51 Yeah, sure.
2:52 How much money can you chip in?
2:54 I'll chip in a hundred bucks but that's my limit.
2:56 Okay. I’m chipping in a thousand bucks.
2:59 Isn’t that a lot?
3:00 For you maybe; you’re new. I’m experienced at this.
3:04 Okay.
3:14 Contributing means giving. You can contribute almost anything - money, time, ideas, work.
3:20 You can contribute to something when you spend some effort or time for it or give something.
3:25 You might contribute money to your church, and ideas at work.
3:33 Interrupting means stopping in the middle of something.
3:37 It’s considered rude to interrupt a conversation that other people are having; you should wait until there’s a break in the conversation.
3:44 But if you interrupt a crime that’s happening, you might be a hero!
3:54 The things people do that harm our environment are called environmental issues.
3:59 Today some environmental issues include climate change, pollution, and energy waste.
4:08 Cards is a term for all kinds of games that are played with a deck of cards,
4:13 which is usually a set of 52 numbered rectangular pieces of cardboard or plastic.
4:19 Some card games involve money and some don’t. People of all ages play cards.
4:26 Children play simple card games and adults play more complicated card games.
4:35 Having taken part in some prior activity is being experienced in it.
4:39 You might be experienced at your job, or maybe not if you’re new.
4:43 You get experienced by doing something, not by reading about it.
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