Asking for time off

source: Learn English with Let's Talk 2017年5月3日
In this English conversation lesson, we are learning how to ask time off (i.e. how to ask for a leave from your boss when you have exhausted all your vacation days and sick leaves). Listen to this English conversation carefully and learn some useful spoken English phrases used in real life to improve your English speaking confidence.
English Conversation between Ms Liz and her boss Mr Peterson

Liz – Excuse me, Mr Peter. I need to talk to you, do you have a second?
Peter – Sure Liz, tell me about it, what do you wanna say?
Liz – Umm… Mr Peter, I have already exhausted all my vacation days for this year. I know that, but I was just hoping…
Peter – Oh come on… tell me do you need some time off?
Liz –Uhh… yes, Mr Peter. I was just hoping that I could get some unpaid leaves.
Actually, my sister is getting married & the marriage is overseas. So, I’ll need to go for that.
Peter – Just tell me what dates are you leaving. So that, I can plan for your absence during that period.
Liz – Umm…Actually. I’m leaving from the sept,1 to Sept, 30. Would that be okay with you?
Peter – Umm.. I guess so...

Do you have a second? – Asking someone for a short time like a minute or few seconds.
Used up- to exhaust or finish something
Overseas- You use overseas to describe things that involve or are in foreign countries, usually across a sea or an ocean.
Take some time off- to ask for a leave for a few number of days.
(Half-day/ Short leave – leave for a few number of hours)
Notice – to warn or inform someone about something
Be okay with that – to agree with something
Unpaid leave- a leave that you’re not paid for