At the gym - for health and exercise

source: Twominute English     2013年1月9日
# signing up
--Hello. Welcome to the gym (gymnasium).
--Hello. I'm interested in signing up for a membership.
--Great. Do you want to sign up for this branch?
--Yes. I also work in the city so I want to know if I can also work out there with a single membership?
--Yes, you can. You can work out at any of our gyms in the city.
--That's wonderful! How much is the charge?
--The fee is $100 per month, but if you sing up for 6 months we'll give you a 20% discount.
--That sounds good. I'll sign up for 6 months.
# working out
--Hey, Jimmy. I didn't know you worked out here.
--Yea, I do. What are you working on now?
--Today is my cardio and arms day. I'm going to fog for a while and then work on my arms. How about you?
--I'm working on my abs and legs today.
--I'll be doing a lot of squats and sit ups.
--Nice. Do you want to stretch together afterwards?
--Sure. I'll see you later. Have a good workout!
# joining classes
--Hello. I would like to sign up for some fitness classes.
--Great! What would you like to do? We have a lot of classes.
--I'm not sure. What kind of classes do you have?
--We have a lot of dance classes, yoga, light weight classes and pool cardio.
--I think I would like to join the pool cardio and a yoga class.
--We have a 7 am pool cardio class and 6 pm yoga class.
--Sign me up for both.