How to Order Food

source: Ryan Kent-Temple
# part of the conversation:
--Do you have a table for you?
--Here's your menus. Can I get some drinks started for you?
--I need a sec (second) to look?
--I'll have a water for now. Do you have mineral water?
--Would you like me to start some appetizers before your meal?
--Yes. We'll have the chicken wings.
--What kind of sauce would you like with those?
--With ranch dressing, please.
--Have you figured out what to eat?
--For the side dishes, I would like sauteed vegetables and a baked potato.
--How would you like your Sirloin Steak to be cooked this evening?
--Make it medium rare, please.
--I'll put your order in right away.
--Can we have our check please?
--What's this charge here?
--That's for your appetizer, sir.
--Oh, I see. Dpes this total include tax?
--It does, sir. Will you be paying with cash or credit card?
--Can I have your signature here on hte bottom, please?
--Thank you very much for visiting us. Have a good evening.