At a restaurant

source: Twominute English    2012年11月10日
# asking for table
--Table for one, please.
--Follow me, Sir.
# ordering food
--Can I have the menu.
--Here it is, Sir.
--What do you recommend?
--The grilled chicken with tomato sauce. It's a good choice.
--It sounds like a good idea. I'll have the chicken, and a glass of wine please.
--Sure, I'll be right back with your order.
(another example)
--Are you ready to order now, Sir?
--Yes. I'd like the spicy chicken and the vegetables please.
--Would you like something to drink?
--I'll have an orange juice.
--I'm afraid we're out of orange, sir.
--That's Okay. Just bring me the iced tea instead.
--Yes, sir. I'll be right back.
# discussing the menu
--Could I have my Caesar salad served with the sauce on the side?
--Yes, and would you like the croutons also on the side?
--That'd be very good. Thank you.
--You're welcome.
# paying the bill
--Could you check us out please?
--Here you are.
--Can I pay with Visa?
--Yes, you can.
(another example)
--Could I have the bill?
--In a minute, Sir. Are you paying with a card?
--Yes, MasterCard.