Shopping for clothes

source: Twominute English   2012年12月19日
# finding trousers:
--I'm looking for trousers. Where can I find them?
# buying shoes:
--I need some comfortable office shoes. What do you recommend?
--Do you know your shoe size?
--If you are not sure. We can measure your feet.
# buying a shirt:
--I'm looking for a long-sleeved blue shirt. Do you have any?
--Can I try it on?
--The trial room is over there.
# paying for one's purchase:
--I like these shoes. Please pack these. How much do they cost?
--Would you like to pay by cash or by card?
--Can you please make a bill?
--I want to use my debit card.
--Please give me your card so that I can swipe it.
--Here's your card payment receipt. Please sign a copy and return to me.