Scheduling a Doctor's Appointment - Health English Lesson

source: Twominute English       2013年7月9日
Are you very busy? And not getting time to fix an appointment with a doctor and have asked someone else to fix it for you. Or you don't know how to fix an appointment with a doctor. In this lesson, we'll learn how to schedule an appointment with a doctor.
Learn the phrases and use them next time while fixing an appointment with doctor.
Exercise section for this lesson :

# calling the clinic:
--Dr. Patterson's Clinic. How may I help you?
--Hello. I'd like to schedule an appointment for tomorrow.
--Alright. May I have your name please?
--My name is Beyonce Den.
--Is this your first visit?
--No. I visited the doctor a month ago.
--Alright. What time will be best for you?
--In the morning is best for me.
--Sure. Can I schedule the appointment for 11?
--That'd be great. Thank you so much.
# asking your husband to schedule it for you:
--I'm leaving for the office, honey.
--Hey, Gary. Can you do me a favor?
--Sure. What is it?
--My phone's not working. The clinic will open at 11. Could you please call them and schedule an appointment for tomorrow?
--Is everything alright?
--Oh yes. I just want to go for a regular check-up.
--Not a problem. What time is good for you?
--Just ask for an evening appointment. It could be around 6 or 7.
--All right. Do you want me to take your cell phone and see if I can get it fixed?
--Oh, that'd be great. Thank you so much.
# scheduling an appointment on behalf of someone
--Good morning. Dr. Patterson's clinic. How may I help you?
--I'd like to schedule an appointment for tomorrow evening.
--May I have you name please?
--My name is Gary Samuel, but the appointment is for my wife, June Samuel.
--Oh, yes. Mrs. June Samuel. She's one of our regular patients. I hope she's fine.
--She's absolutely fine. She just wants to get a regular check-up.
--Alright. What time would be good for her, Mr. Samuel?
--She would prefer an evening appointment. Do you have anything open?
--Let me check. Yes. Let's schedule it for 6:30. Would that be alright?
--That'll work. Thank you so much.
--You're welcome, Mr. Samuel.