Negotiating a Better Price - Business English Lesson

source: Twominute English     2013年6月24日
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# shopping for vegetables
--How much are those apples?
--They're $2.50 a pound.
--What about those bananas?
--They're $2.00 a pound.
--That's so expensive! I bought bananas for $1.50 just yesterday!
--The price went up today. I have to charge more.
--Hey, I'm a regular customer, Cullen. $2.00 is too much.
--OK, Mrs. Patterson. How does $1.80 sound to you?
--Well, it does sound better, but $1.70 would be fair.
--Mrs. Patterson, you're killing me! Where's my profit?
--Come on, Cullen! I come here almost every day! Let's make it $1.75!
--All right! You win! You drive tough bargain, Mrs. Patterson! How many pounds do you nee?
--Give me two pounds.
# turning away: a trick to bargain
--Excuse me. I was driving by and saw the "For Sale" sign on your car. How much are you asking?
--Well, it's a classic. And it's almost in mint condition.
--There's a dent over here. How much?
--I'm asking 25 grand.
--That's a lot of money for an old car.
--An old car? What do you mean? I'm only selling it because I'm getting married. This is a great car!
--I'll give you 15.
--15? Lady, I can't sell it for 15! The tires are brand new and everything in it is original! I'll let it go for 23. Not a penny less.
--Well, I don't think I want to pay that much. Thanks anyway.
--Lady, have a heart! Wait. Well, how about 22?
--21 and I'll pay cash.
# closing the deal
--So you will pay 21 grand cash?
--Seems fair to me.
--OK then. Deal. Do you have the money on you?
--Of course not! I'll have to go to the bank and I'll be back in a little while.
--While you do that, I'll get the papers so we can sign. I'll wait for you here.
--Do you have an extra set of keys?
--Yes, I have everything. Even the manual is still in the glove compartment.
--Great! My husband is going to love it.
--It's a gift for your husband? Wow, he's a very lucky guy.
--I know. I'll be right back with the money.
# bargaining a better price on a house
--So, what do you think? The house is really well located, and the schools in this neighborhood are great.
--How much do they want for it?
--They're asking $820.000.00.
--That's really expensive for this place. I was thinking something more like $700.000.00.
--It's not expensive at all. The house was just refurbished. Everything is new.
--Well, I don't think I'll go any higher than $720.000.00. Talk to the owner and let me know.
--Well, I'll talk to him. But that's why below what he expects. Besides, that's market price.
--Talk to him. Call me when you know something.