How to talk about your friends

source: RebeccaESL
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# words to talk about your friends: 
--We are __ friends: good / close / best / fast (good and close) 
--a __ friend: real / true / loyal / trusted 
--a school friend / a childhood friend / a family friend / an old friend 
--my boyfriend / girlfriend / We are just friends. (no romantic relationship between us) 
# related expressions:
--fair-weather friend (someone who only wants to associate with you when things are going well with you) 
--man's best friend (dogs)
--friends in high places (friends who are influential and in important social places)  
--circle of friends (a group of friends)
--to make friends / to befriend someone
--to have many friends
--to friend someone on Facebook
--an acquaintance
--to form/develop/build a friendship 
# sayings:
--A friend in need is a friend indeed.
--With friends like that, who needs enemies?