Shopping and Buying | Idioms, Phrases and Slangs | Intermediate Level

source: Learn English with Let's Talk   2013年1月5日
--to buy a lemon: to buy something that proves to be worthless.
--on me: to offer to pay for expense (mainly for food and drink)
--to pay one's way: to contribute to own's share of expense
--to pay thourgh the nose: to pay way too much for something
--to shop around: to vist a number of shops to compare prices
--to shop lift: to steal goods from a shop
--to shop till you drop: going on a very long shopping trip
--to shut shop: to close shop (usually for business)
--shopping therapy / retail therapy: (based on the idea that buying or shopping can cheer you up)
--dressed to kill: to dress one's best clothes in order to look good
--fit like a glvoe: fit perfectly well
--on a shoe string budget: being on a small budget