Activities And Hobbies: food, outdoor and indoor activities

source: Thong nhat nguyen
# What do you do in your free time? Where do you do it? Who do you do it with? What is your favorite free-time activity or hobby? What hobby would you like to try?
# indoor activities
--ballet / karaoke / doing magic / watch movies / play chess / play darts
# outdoor activities:
--fish / camp / hike / paint / garden
--track and field events: jog / high jump / long jump / 50 meter dash
--water sports: swim / surf / wind surf / scuba dive / dive / water polo
--extreme sports: sky diving / mountain climbing / para-sail / hang gliding
# "play" + sports: play tennis / football / baseball / basketball / volleyball
# "go" + sports: go jogging / water skiing / sailing / bicycling
# "do" + sports: do aerobics / gymnastics / karate
# Here, have some pizza.
--No, thank you. I do not like pizza that much.
--I do not like french fries, either.
--I do not like hamburgers.
--What do you like?
--I like ice cream.
--I don't like to kill animals
--He does not train on Saturdays or Sundays.
--He does not drink beer, coke or anything sweet.
--He doesn't practice ballet with me.
# What do you do every day?
--Do you shop and visit museums?
--Do you dance at discos?
--Do you go to expensive restaurants?
--Sure, but at night I go out with my friends.
--Do you do anything else at night?
--I go to comedy clubs and watch movies.
# Does your boyfriend spend much time with you?
--Yes, he does.
--Mine doesn't. He's too busy.
--What does he do?
--He goes to college.
--Does he play sports with his friends?
--Does he travel a lot?
--Does he study all the time?
--No, he doesn't study too much.
# Do you and your classmates have any hobbies?
--Sure. I fish and Jim, my best friend, hikes in the forest.
--What about your other classmates? What do they do?
--The guys like to camp.
--What do you do in your free time?
--I paint.
# Do you do ballet?
--Yes, I practice every Tuesday and Thursday.
--Do you do any sports?
--No, I don't.
--What does your husband do in his free time?
--He watches movies.

--They don't camp alone.
--I don't fish or hike. I don't like outdoors.
--I can jog/run a marathon. I can long jump too.
--We don't do aerobics.
--I do a lot of track and field events.

# Did you know that my uncle is an athlete?
--Really? Does he train every day?
--Not really. He trains Monday to Friday.
--What does he eat to stay thin?
--He eats vegetables and lot of fruit.
# You look tired. Did you work out?
--Do you work out every day?
--No, I don't. I work out only on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
--Do you work out?
--No, I don't. I watch movies. Do yo like movies?
--No, I don't. But I like music.
# How's your daughter doing in London?
--She's doing fine. She studies music at a music college.
--Does she play the piano?
--No, she doesn't. She plays the violin.
--What does your daughter do?
--She studies at a college at California.
--Does she study music?
--No, she studies painting.
# Do you have any hobbies?
--I like music. I have a large collection of cassette tapes and CDs.
--Do you go to concerts?
--No, I don't. I usually listen to music at home. Do you have any hobbies?
--I hike in the mountains. I go hiking with my brother every month.
--Do you hunt too?
--No, but we go bird-watching.
# I didn't know you can dive.
--I can't. I'm just learning to dive. Can you dive?
--Yes, I can, but I'm not very good.
--Do you do any other sports?
--I can play tennis.
--Do you play it often?
--I can't play very often. I have to study every day.
# Where do you work out?
--I don't work out in a gym, but I do a lot of track and field events.
--What can you do?
--I can jog a marathon. I can run a 15 meters dash too.
--Do you do any other events?
--I do the long jump and I do the high jump. I do long jump too.
--I do the long jump, too. Maybe we can practice the long jump together.
# My brother lives in Hawaii. He lives on the beach.
--Does he like water sports?
--Sure. He can swim and surf.
--Does he wind-surf?
--I'm not sure. His wife also likes water sports. She might.
--She likes water polo. She can dive also. They both can scuba dive. They do that all the time.
# Look at this. This guy is mountain climbing. I cannot do that.
--It's too dangerous! Do you do any extreme sports?
--I can para-sail.
--Really? Can you skydive?
--No, I can't skydive. I want to learn. Cannot hang glide, either.
--My boss   He loves it.
# We can't play tennis today.
--That's too bad. Let's play football.
--We can't play football, either, because it's raining.
--Then, we can't play baseball, either.
--Let's go to the sport center. We can play basketball or volleyball there.
--I can't play volleyball. I don't know how.
--Don't worry. I'll show you. It's not hard.
# What are you doing this Sunday?
--I don't have any plans. Can we go sailing?
--No, we can't. We can't use my sister's boat. She's using that on Sunday.
--Can we go biking or jogging?
--I can't because my foot still hurts.
--You can go swimming, right?
--Yeah. I can do that.
# Do you like working out?
--Can you do aerobics?
--I never tried.
--I can do gymnastics. Can you?
--I can't, but my girlfriend can.
--Do you do any sports with your girlfriend?
--Yes. We both can do karate. We practice every weekend.
# Can you go swimming with us today?
--No, I can't. I have to help my mother.
--Can you go swimming with us tomorrow?
--Sure. Do you go swimming every day?
--No, I go swimming on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
# Do you come to the gym every day?
--No, I can't. I have to work. So I come on the weekends.
--Do you come every day?
--Yes. Can you lift weights?
--Yes, but not very well. Can you help me?
# Do you like mountain climbing?
--Sure, I love it. I can climb a 300 meter mountain.
--Do you go mountain climbing every weekend?
--No. I don't go mountain climbing when it snows. Do you mountain climb?
--No, I can't, but I want to learn.