How to talk about sickness?

source: learnexmumbai
# ache: I have a...
--headache, toothache, earache
# sore: I have a...
--sore eye/neck/throat
# infection: I have a/an...
--eye/throat/ear infection
# allergy / flu / injury (I have a/an...)
# some related expressions:
--I feel dizzy.
--I'm having a bad hangover.
--I have a running nose.
--I have a blocked nose / nasal congestion.
--I need to go to an ENT specialist.
--I have a frozen shoulder.
--I have a bloated stomach/belly.
--I have a constipation / I feel constipated.
--I have diarrhea.
--I have cramps / spasms.
--I sprained my ankles.
--Take the doctor's prescription to a pharmacy (drug store) to get your medicine.