Relationship Vocabulary 1 - Getting together

source: Practice English with Paul     2015年6月22日
Relationship Vocabulary 1 - Getting together
For intermediate students and above:)
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00:44 to go on a date
01:13 to get on well (with)
01:34 to have a lot in common (with)
02:00 to enjoy one's company 
02:40 to get on like a house on fire
03:07 to fancy someone
04:05 to fall for someone
04:31 to fall head over heals in love 
04:54 love at first sight
05:05 to be crazy about someone
05:35 to be infatuated in 
06:30 to be attracted to 
06:57 to be quite/rather keen on 
06:57 to be quite/rather fond of 
07:33 to date/to go out with me