Talking About Driver's License

source: Twominute English    2013年11月12日
Applying for a Driver’s License. Annie: How may I help you today?
Nathan: I'd like to apply for a driver's license.
Annie: Sure. Can you fill out this form, please? You’ll need your Social Security Number.
Nathan: No problem. Can I borrow a pen please?
Annie: Here it is. Do you currently have a driver's license and want to renew it, or is this your first?
Nathan: No, it’s my first, but I’ve already done this. I failed the test the first time. Here’s my form.
Annie: Thank you.
Nathan: Can I schedule the driving test for Friday afternoon at three?
Annie: Of course, no problem. Make sure you’re not late, or else you’ll have to wait a long time.
Nathan: And when will I take the written test?
Annie: You can take it online, at your convenience.
# Telling a Friend About Your Driving Test.
Derek: Hi Nathan. I’ve heard you are getting a driver’s license.
Nathan: Yeah, man. I want to get it before college begins.
Derek: That’s nice. When do you plan to take the driving test, then?
Nathan: I’m taking it today.
Derek: Oh, really? Since when have you been practicing?
Nathan: Oh, it’s been over a month.
Derek: Have you bought a car yet?
Nathan: Not yet. But, I’ll be getting one if I pass the test today.
Derek: Good luck, and let me know how it goes.
Nathan: Thanks man.
# Celebrating Your Driver’s License.
Nathan: Hey man. Guess what?
Lucas: What happened? You look so happy today!
Nathan: Well, I got my driver's license today. I feel on top of the world.
Lucas: That’s great news, Nathan. How do you plan to celebrate?
Nathan: I’m going to chill with my friends in the evening. Do you want to join us?
Lucas: Sure, I would definitely like to go.
Nathan: Good. See you tonight at my place, then.
# Losing Your Driver’s License
Derek: What happened, Lucas? Why do you look so upset?
Lucas: Oh man. I’ve just lost my driver’s license.
Derek: Do you remember where?
Lucas: No, I have no idea where I left it.
Derek: What are you going to do now?
Lucas: What else? I’ll have to apply for a new one tomorrow.
Derek: But, it’ll take time. How will you manage to drive without it?
Lucas: I’m sure there’s something I can do in a case like this. I’ll ask them at the DMV.