Cooking Vocabulary - chop, grill, saute, boil, slice...

source: English Lessons with Adam 2014年01月02日
--What's cooking?
   1. What are you making, what dish are you making?
   2. What's happening? How are things? How are you?
--a "recipe" for a nice dish
--culinary (about cooking, about food)
--a chef and a cook (A chef is a person who studied cooking, went to school and studied, has worked in many restaurants, and has practiced for a long time in his art, his cooking skills. This person probably has a diploma and is usually the boss of a kitchen in a restaurant somewhere. "A cook" is a person who is just starting to cook or somebody who just makes food at home. Anybody can be a cook. )
--to saute: too cook lightly in a skillet or in a pan
--to boil: For example, you put something in a pot full of water. You put the heat very, very high.
--to simmer: meaning lower heat, small bubbles moving slowly. For example, when you're making a nice soup or a stew, first you get everything boiling, and then you reduce the heat and let it simmer for like an hour; get all the flavours to blend together really nicely.
--to broil (with an oven): If you want to cook something very quickly and get the top very crispy, you broil. "Broil" means heat from the top, so the heat is going like this on to the food.
--to roast (with an oven): meaning that the heat is coming from the bottom and the sides, so it cooks the inside and takes a little bit longer.
--to grill: For example, when you're barbequing, you are grilling. You have the lines of the grill, you put your steak on it, then you flip it, etcetera. That's grilling, usually with fire, coals, lines.